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DeviceAnywhere Teams Up With Partners Fund for 2010 Developer Challenge


DeviceAnywhere are working with the Partners Fund for this year’s Developer Challenge. This year’s competition is focused on Super Apps, and it will be interesting to see what people come up with.

For the competition, DeviceAnywhere is offering a direct link to their Test Center solution, which provides remote access to networked devices located across the globe. DeviceAnywhere is also supporting this challenge with Proof Center to provide a proof-based self-certification solution that gives application developers remote access to DeviceAnywhere’s banks of real networked devices. With Proof Center, users can compile evidence that their application works successfully using handset screenshots and video, which are automatically saved and organized into proofs that can later be viewed or searched for by application and handset. For the purposes of this competition, Proof Center serves as the testing platform for a more in-depth submission process that developers will use to submit a higher-quality version of their application, before they proceed to the final phase in which winners will be selected. For the finalists, DeviceAnywhere will create free interactive tutorials using DemoAnywhere, a solution that allows developers to demonstrate the application’s key features and functionality to consumers.

Register for the BlackBerry Partners Fund Super App Challenge.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of February 15th


Lots of news this week came out of Mobile World Congress 2010 and the biggest news from RIM is the announcement of BES Express. BES Express is a free version of BES, with watered-down features but a lot of the same functionality. This is big news for the SMB market, but it’s a little disappointing to the average consumer. It would be great if RIM could host these services for the growing number of consumers who don’t have a small business. The other news to come out of MWC is Mike Lazaridis talking about BlackBerry Super Apps: a concept which completely eludes BlackBerry users and seems like marketing fluff. Basically, a Super App is an app that takes advantage of all the APIs that RIM have out there. The only apps RIM have pointed to explicitly as being Super Apps are the ones they have developed, which I personally think sends the wrong message to developers.
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Mike Lazaridis Introduces BlackBerry Super Apps



During his keynote at MWC 2010, Mike Lazaridis introduced the concept of a Super App. It’s not clear exactly what is meant by “Super App”, but it seems that it’s a name given to apps that take advantage of all that the BlackBerry platform has to offer. Personally, I think this is a marketing initiative to get people exposed to the fact that the BlackBerry OS can do more than the iPhone in terms of functionality, and it doesn’t really mean anything to current BlackBerry users.

In order for an app to be Super, it should include:

  • The Always-on Experience – the app runs in the background.
  • Tight Integration with the Native Apps – integrates with the calendar, messages, contacts etc.
  • Proactive and Notification-driven – takes advantage of Push APIs.
  • Highly Contextualized – make it continuously relevant with GPS, menu and app integration.
  • Social and Connected – invoke SMS, social networks, email etc.
  • Designed for Efficiency – doesn’t drain on the battery or memory.

The apps that RIM point to as being Super Apps include Facebook and Myspace (two apps that need serious overhauls). While I understand what Mike L is trying to say, I think this is a lot of marketing fluff with nothing really substantial behind it. If Lazaridis was going to make this sort of presentation, it should be followed with an announcement that RIM has opened up new APIs that were previously unavailable to developers. Without this substance, it just sounds like Google’s attempt to label their phone a SuperPhone.

Are there any apps you would like to nominate as Super Apps?

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