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QContinuum, WICKSoft, Zeebu, GlitchSoft and Magmic at Ottawa App Showcase


Ottawa is a great city for BlackBerry and smartphone development. RIM’s App World team is located in Ottawa, and being a capital city, there are plenty of BlackBerrys floating around. There is also a large talent pool for mobile in the city as well and some of those bright individuals got together to demo their latest smartphone applications. The event was hosted by Rob Woodbridge, former CEO of Rove and the more interesting half of BlackBerryCool Untether’d.

The App Showcase event was a success and after the jump you can read all about the presenters and what they’re doing in the space. Stay tuned for the next event, where there will be more local companies showing off their applications. If you have a similar event in your area, send details to BlackBerryCool and we’ll help promote these companies as well.

Collectively, the following app presenters have apps that have been downloaded 12 million times! Be sure to check them all out.
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BlackBerry Apps for Expecting Moms: BirthBerry and KickBerry


BabyBerry Apps is a site for apps for moms-to-be. Currently, the site features 2 apps: BirthBerry and KickBerry.

BirthBerry is a contraction timer app that will time your contractions with just a click. The app will calculate all the stats you need to know how labor is progressing. Plus, BirthBerry can automatically notify your doctor, family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date about the progress of your labor. When your baby arrives, you can send a birth announcement (with picture) right from the app.

KickBerry counts your baby’s movements, by getting you to click and increase the count each time you feel a kick. Every time you feel your baby kick, click any key to increase the count. KickBerry keeps track of how long it takes you to get to 10 movements. KickBerry also lets you know when you’ve passed the one-hour and two-hour marks.
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CEO Zeebu Mobile Dan Gagliardi on Business News Network


In a segment that BNN calls “BlackBerry for Babies”, Zeebu Mobile’s Dan Gagliardi talks about their product BabyGo, and its success in App World. While the product is available for iPhone, it was interesting to see the focus remain on BlackBerry. According to IDC Canada, Zeebu Mobile Inc. is one of the top 10 software companies to watch.

Watch Zeebu Mobile on Business News Network.
Check out Zeebu’s free app BabyGo in App World.
If you’re a fan of the free app, you’ll definitely want to check out the premium version Super Baby GO!

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Zeebu Mobile add Christmas content to BabyGO! and Super BabyGO!



Zeebu Mobile have posted a Christmas content pack over the weekend which has gone out to all the latest users of BabyGO! (version 1.1.3) and Super BabyGO! (all versions). When you boot up your copy, you should see a new activity called “Christmas” appear in the list of activities. This is a fun way to get your kids introduced to Christmas and get them excited for the upcoming day.

BabyGO! and SuperBabyGO! are available on App World. More information from the Zeebu Mobile site.

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Super BabyGO! giveaway winners announced


Thanks to everyone who commented on the Super BabyGO! giveaway post. We are in the process of getting the winners their free copies of this cool app.

If you didn’t win, stay tuned because we will surely have more from the Zeebu Mobile team coming. If you didn’t get a copy but you want to try it on a free trial, go ahead and grab it from their site.

Super BabyGO! is available for $5.99, or on a free trial from App World.

Click through to see the 25 winners of a copy of Super BabyGO!

Zeebu Mobile launch Super BabyGO! with 25 copies to give away



Super BabyGO! is the latest update to the BabyGO! franchise by Zeebu Mobile. The first version of the app, is a free sample of how the game works, and this version has some great new features you and your kid would like.

Once downloaded, the app locks the BlackBerry and lets your 0-2 year old push the keys and hear the corresponding sound. The app also features a growing section of downloadable content to keep things fun. Instead of letters and numbers, it can deliver cute animals as well as multiple languages.

Super BabyGO! is available for $5.99, or on a free trial. You can get more details and download information from their site. Also, Super BabyGO! is soon to be in App World so feel free to check it out then.

The folks at Zeebu Mobile are also providing 25 licenses to winners who comment and tell us “what games/toys your kids love to play with.” We’ll select 25 winners at random and email them licenses.

Click through for some pretty funny video of a kid getting a kick out of the app