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RIM Appoints New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer


RIM has announced the hiring of two new members of their executive team. The new COO Kristian Tear joins RIM from Sony Mobile Communications and the new CMO Frank Boulben who has held positions in both Vodafone and Orange.
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Smartphone supplies running low


An empty warehouseA new report on Electronista says that smartphone makers in the US are having a tough time keeping up with demand. According to Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Morgan Keenan, AT&T has had issues keeping the Pearl in stores since March, and won’t be stocking the 8120 for home users until the 24th. BlackBerrys aren’t the only phones MIA: Apple has been having supply problems and Palm’s Treo 755p is reported to have been missing from Sprint stores for over two weeks. Of course, a lack of supply is vastly better than a lack of demand, but hopefully RIM will be able to ramp up manufacturing.

AT&T’s BlackBerry 8820 taken off of Amazon


Empty shelfYou might remember that hint earlier about picking up the BlackBerry 8820 from Amazon before it was fully unloaded on AT&T stores. Well, it looks like the device is nary to be found on Amazon’s catalog anymore. Did anyone manage to get their hands on one before it was pulled down? And what would prompt the retraction? Simply a stock issue? It couldn’t have been pressure from AT&T, considering they were getting a pretty sweet deal out of it all, unless of course AT&T is trying to capitalize on their own launch. Has anyone actually seen a BlackBerry 8820 in an AT&T store yet?