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BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Caught on Video


We finally have video of the upcoming Bold slider but it’s really short and doesn’t show much in the way of detail. We’re hearing the Bold 9800 slider will not have SurePress, which is a blessing considering the Storm2’s SurePress has been known to be a little unreliable. Either way, a touchscreen QWERTY is going to be a really fun form factor and I think everyone is looking forward to trying out this device.

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BlackBerry Storm2 gestures revealed and features inertial scrolling



The gesture brochure for the BlackBerry Storm2 doesn’t show anything too incredible. It points out that SurePress has been upgraded, and due to the multi-touch capabilities, typing is a much faster experience.

Scrolling on the Storm2 has been upgraded and now features inertial scrolling. This is the type of scrolling that you get on an iPhone, and the developers behind BerryScroll have addressed for the original Storm. This brings up an interesting point about RIM eating the developer’s lunch. What’s stopping RIM from implementing your app natively and not purchasing a license? I’m sure the guys at BerryScroll have much more up their sleeves but it leaves you wondering.

On another note, while zooming in is as easy as double tapping the screen, I’m not sure if it was the greatest way to handle the function. Personally, I would much rather a pinch gesture, or something entirely new. Zooming is a gesture that requires a range of motion, rather than a binary style approach. This is a minor criticism but it’s something that you begin to notice after using the Storm2 for a long time.

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BlackBerry Storm 2 SurePress toggle feature revealed


A new video by Salomondrin shows the BlackBerry Storm 2 with the ability to toggle the clicking sound for SurePress. This is a great feature considering many users want complete silence from their device.

Here is a theory, and this could be going way out on a limb, but I’m going to call Verizon PR on this one. All other BlackBerry Storm 2 videos have been pulled. This means Salomondrin is either saying all the right things to allow his videos to avoid the RIM legal machine, or he has some inside privilege.

Also, this isn’t the first time Verizon has controlled their leaks. Remember last year with the original BlackBerry Storm? Well perhaps they’re doing it all over again. Here are some examples from last year:

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Talking Points Slip
BlackBerry Storm 9530 Appears on Verizon’s Site

Just search ‘Verizon leak’ on BlackBerry Cool and you can see the plethora of “leaks” that came out before the Storm launch.

Although, an easy way to prove me wrong would be to find a few videos of the Storm 2 from other YouTube users that have negative criticism and haven’t been pulled.

In any case, the device looks great and it doesn’t really matter if it’s Verizon or not. The fact is that we get to see the device early.


BlackBerry Storm 2 gets tear down to unveil new SurePress



Well it didn’t take long for someone to take the Storm 2 apart and check out the insides. After seeing a video describing the new screen technology in the Storm 2, we now have confirmation of what the insides look like.

As you can see from the above image, the Storm 2 seems to use the same technology as the Storm 1, only bigger and multiplied by 4. The original BlackBerry Storm touchscreen sat on top of a single contact point, which is relatively small. The Storm 2 has four contact points which are evenly distributed around the device. This explains how the multi-press system functions.

While it’s not obvious if the Piezo electricity technology described by the YouTuber is actually being used, we can see how the Storm 2 will react much differently than the first Storm.

One thing is for sure, we’re all looking forward to getting our hands on this device and testing the new touchscreen interface for ourselves.



RIM drops SurePress on BlackBerry Storm 2 – great pics included



Engadget got their hands on the new BlackBerry Storm 2 codenamed the BlackBerry Odin. The device that they did the hands-on with had the OS locked down so they couldn’t give us a real insight into the software side of the device, or much about the new touchscreen features.

The big news that has been confirmed, is that RIM has abandoned the original Storm’s SurePress click-screen and gone with a traditional fixed capacitive display for the sequel. The new screen is rumored to include haptic feedback as well, but the locked device couldn’t be tested.
Click through for video, hardware details and a gallery of great Storm 2 pics

RIM wins “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” for SurePress


Although the SurePress technology has gotten some bad feedback in the blogosphere, you have to admit that it is a unique solution to touchscreen typing. This past Tuesday at the Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona, RIM’s SurePress won Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough. Some in the blogosphere are saying that RIM won because it is such a big sponsor and the cash bought it the award. I say: “tell me what should have won then.”

Apple app store? Old news.
LBS apps? Too broad to give to one company.
Android? The apps haven’t blown me away or anything.