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More Leaked Pictures of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 with T9 and SureType


The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is getting leaked everywhere these days which means we’re coming close to a launch. Leaks are like clockwork: they get released to the ISVs and we see a few advanced leaks. Then they get circulated for testing and we start seeing a bunch more. Give it a month or so and we’ll see this launch. The latest pic from BerryReview shows the 9100 with a T9 keypad input. Another pic after the jump, including one from BBLeaks of the 9100 running on TELUS.

What do you prefer: T9, small QWERTY or SureType?
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(Rumor) Details about the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2


blackberry touch patent

Simon put up a great post about the soon-to-be-official BlackBerry Storm 2. A RIM sales manager from the Netherlands has acknowledged the second coming of the BlackBerry Storm at the TeleVisie 2009 conference. He says it will come in late 2009 or early 2010 and hints at SureType keyboard improvement and WiFi inclusion – both of which were previously rumored.

Some analysts are guessing the new Storm will use both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keypad a la HTC Touch Pro.

Do you think the BlackBerry Storm would be significantly improved with a QWERTY keypad?



BlackBerry Kickstart video walkthrough


The unreleased flip BlackBerry Kickstart (aka the BlackBerry 8220) just got a nice video tour, showing off all the things to come this September from T-Mobile (hopefully for around $49): a 2 megapixel camera, WiFi, EDGE (sorry, no 3G), and an external LCD screen.

The big frame is striking, and not necessarily cumbersome according to Kevin – more room for the screen and keys makes for a better experience, on the whole. The notification light is in a new spot beside the camera, which is a surprising departure from the slim LED we’re used to seeing on the top-right of BlackBerrys for quite some time. The external display of incoming messages isn’t really new, but it’s cool to see the function in action. As for the the trackball, the previously mentioned recess makes navigation just a little bit trickier. Although many diehard BlackBerry fans have yet to really appreciate the new form factor, is anyone changing their minds on it yet?

Hardware aside, it looks like the Kickstart will be launching with OS 4.6 (same as the BlackBerry Bold) with about 75 megs of internal memory. New accessibility options make navigating a little bit easier on the eyes with high contrast and large icon modes available. The expanded Alarm app, now Clock, is also working like a charm on both internal and external screens.

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RIM to release clamshell flip phone codenamed Kickstart?


The BlackBerry KickstartThe Boy Genius Report has the first pictures of a new clamshell form factor BlackBerry, codename Kickstart. Up until now we had heard only the vaguest allusions to a clamshell phone from RIM, but the BGR’s picture gallery looks pretty legit. The phone uses a SureType keypad and sports both an internal and external LCD, as well as a trackball and camera, although camera specs weren’t mentioned. BGR says RIM will be releasing it before the end of the year. They also say they’ve known about it for a while, but were waiting on proof before they went public with the info. It certainly looks like they found it.

OS 4.3 features listed on RIM’s knowledgebase


BB LogoThe sharp-eyed Ronen has picked up on a knowledgebase article which outlines all the big changes in OS 4.3. For anyone not lucky enough to have picked up a new BlackBerry 8130, this should give you all the info you need.

Some of the big changes we’ve heard of before now, but here’s the round-up: enhanced SureType; wireless software updates; sending voice note by e-mail, PIN and IM; phone bass and treble adjustment; security options for locking long-distance and specific phone numbers; local search and route saving on BlackBerry Maps; video MMS support; streaming media; Media Player playlists; video recording; Bookmarks and History viewable on Browser launch; and finally, syncing address books and calendars with integrated e-mail, such as Yahoo! and (presumably) Gmail if you’re on BIS 2.4. Pretty awesome stuff!

BlackBerry for Dummies 2nd. Ed. released


BlackBerry for DummiesJosep has noticed that a new edition of BlackBerry for Dummies has been released today, to the jubilation of new BB-users worldwide. I’ve got a few Dummies books kicking around, and they’re all written with clarity, humour and expertise. BlackBerry for Dummies covers the whole slew of basic and intermediate functions, such as e-mail, attachments, the Address Book, MemoPad, Calendar and Calculator, as well as PIN-to-PIN messaging, web surfing and call functions. If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy cheap on Amazon.