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Weekly Contest: Pearls Aplenty


PearlsThis last week has been rife with rumors of the new BlackBerry 8130. We even had a bit of patent-side news dealing with Suretype. For now, the GSM Pearl 2 is only on the other side of the pond, but it’s simply a matter of time before it finds its way over here. The Pearl is getting a lot of attention in light of this news, and it’s time we start thinking about how it might change in the near future.

Since coming out a scant year ago, the Pearl pioneered the trackball and overall layout of RIM’s 8800 and 8300 lines, which have become the main flagship formats for BlackBerry. The incremental upgrades we’ve been seeing recently are all built on the foundations of those three core devices, but they continue to evolve, such as with the 8130’s new external microSD slot. With the spotlight square on the Pearl, our question for this Weekly Contest is: what lies in the Pearl’s future? Will it continue to set the standard for new features and innovation, or will form factors like the fabled BlackBerry 9000 take over? Maybe the BlackBerry 8300 has already stolen the Pearl’s thunder? This is pretty open-ended, so feel free to comment on design, function, overall attitude, and everything in between. You guys have free rein to sound off on what the Pearl did right, what it did wrong, how it is changing, and where it’s going in the long haul. The most comprehensive, full-bodied comment will win 3 games from Bplay.

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RIM makes nice with litigator, uses their predictive text patent


Shake HandsRIM has quietly come to agreeable terms with Eatoni, who were in legal disputes with RIM over a predictive text technology in ambiguous keyboards (read: SureType). The patent in question helps devices chose words to be typed based both on ergonomics and the context of the word. Under the settlement, RIM has backed off on its countersuit against Eatoni, and will now be working with them to implement the technology in future BlackBerrys.