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Study shows pizza and entertainment driving mobile purchases


Mobile web purchasing habits

Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive have some interesting survey data regarding the purchase habits of mobile based consumers. The data shows some significant trends along gender lines, income, education, and even preferences when it comes to specific items like pizza, tickets and entertainment. 

Here’s a snapshot of some survey results:

  • 93% of U.S. adults (93%) own a cell phone, and nearly half of these adults (45%) think it’s at least somewhat safe to make a purchase through their cell phone with 26% saying they think it’s fairly or very safe to do so.
  • Nearly half of cell phone owners (46%) would be willing to make purchases this way.
  • Of those who would be willing to make purchases through their cellphone, (75%) would be willing to buy entertainment items, such as movie/event tickets (58%), music (41%), mobile video or TV content (24%) and games (34%).Many would also purchase food/drink items (68%) such as pizza (59%), fast food (42%), and/or coffee (25%), and over half (55%) would be willing to purchase hotel rooms (43%) and/or tickets for travel (40%) this way.
  • Read the full research data from Billing Revolution and Harris Interactive

    Vlingo 2.0 Beta now open to everyone!


    Vligo 2.0 for BlackBerry

    A week ago we told you that Vlingo was running a closed beta for its Vlingo 2.0 voice-powered application. I’ve been told by our friends at Vlingo that the 2.0 beta is now open to all residents of the UK, US and Canada!

    Because Vlingo is an application that learns and improves based upon user feedback, it’s really important that the BlackBerry Nation helps Vlingo out to make their application as useful as possible. This is especially true for UK BlackBerry users!

    In addition to participating in the Vlingo 2.0 beta, you can also fill out a quick 10-15 minute survey. Doesn’t sound like your thing? What if I told you that everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a drawing to win an 8GB iPod touch or one of 3 $50 Amazon.com gift certificates! I thought that might peak your interest!

    You can find everything you need to know about the Vlingo 2.0 open beta and survey after the jump. BlackBerry Nation, Assemble!

    Vlingo 2.0 Open Beta and Survey

    Survey: Runtime trumps cost and safety for battery-purchasers


    BatteryA recent survey by Nexergy determined runtime was the top priority for those buying their batteries, which isn’t a huge surprise, but the fact that price was nearly the last thing on buyers’ minds was unsuspected.

    “It was a bit surprising,” [Phil Glandon, Nexergy president and CEO] added, “that cost appeared so low on the priority list for both groups we surveyed, and nearly at the bottom among our marketing contacts. Battery performance clearly is seen as a core competitive advantage by our customers, and that should be the primary consideration as we make design decisions on new battery packs for our customers.”

    Safety ranked number two on the list, and after seeing more than one incident of exploding cell phone batteries, we can certainly see why. There was also a surprising number of engineers who were unfamiliar with lithium-ion variants and other emerging battery technologies. If you’re in that boat, Giz actually had a solid post on different battery types and how they’re the major chokepoint for mobile technology.


    RIM Vader-strangled Palm over the last year


    Darth Vader strangles Elmo Another survey from ChangeWave dances on Palm’s grave by showing RIM’s compared progress over the last year. Planned BlackBerry purchases over the next 90 days had reached 82% from 61% in February ’07, while Palm dropped from 22% to a dismal 8% in May ’08. Needless to say, the two companies show an inverse relationship in planned activations, stock prices and enterprise sales. Although the feeling you get from looking at the numbers is akin to watching an episode of The World’s Most One-Sided Fistfights, it does give you hope for what RIM might be able to do against beefier competitors like Apple and Nokia.

    (via ChangeWave)

    Charts detailing Palm’s slow and painful demise after the jump…

    Survey guages BlackBerry Kickstart and Thunder hype


    BlackBerry Kickstart, Thunder survey

    Changewave recently surveyed 3,567 consumers to see how many are actually interested in the flip BlackBerry due in September or the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder due sometime in November. 13% were somewhat likely to pick up a Bold or a Thunder, while a slightly lower 11% were somewhat likely to pick up a Kickstart. 4% of respondents were very likely to get the BlackBerry 9000 while 2% were very likely to nab the Kickstart or Thunder. Existing BlackBerry customers were two to three times more likely to grab the upcoming models, while Palm, Samsung and Motorola users are ripe for the switching. Those are some reasonably hopeful numbers, but it’s still hard to compete with the iPhone hype. What do you guys think – will the new form factors offer enough competition for the iPhone?

    (via ChangeWave)


    Take this survey for a chance to win a 1GB iPod Shuffle and help improve a cool BlackBerry application!


    vlingo survey

    As you all know, BlackBerry Cool takes special care keep our readers informed of new BlackBerry software. We also love helping BlackBerry developers by providing feedback on their software, so they can tweak it just right for the BlackBerry Nation. We got an email today from our friends at vlingo that allows us to do both in one shot, so we had to post about it. Check it out:

    A month ago we launched vlingo for BlackBerry, a free application that enables you to control BlackBerry phones with the power of your voice. All you need is just one button and a few spoken words to send emails and text messages, search the web, open applications and much more.

    We are now asking for your help to improve vlingo and also reach a larger number of users. You don’t need to have tried our product to contribute; we will welcome and pay careful attention to the input of the BlackBerry Cool community. The survey is short (5 minutes) and we are entering respondents in for a chance to win a 1GB iPod Shuffle.

    So what do you say, folks? Do you want to help our friends at vlingo and have the chance to win a 1GB iPod shuffle? Just hit the link below and fill out the survey!

    Vlingo Mobile Phone Usage Survey

    (Contest open to US residents only, ending August 8, 2008)