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BlackBerry popular handset for Opera users


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Opera’s monthly report for June has taken a look at the popular handsets that folks are using with their mobile browser, and what sites they’re going to. After running down country-by-country top 10 lists, it was pretty interesting to see the stark differences between the Chinese (dominated by Nokia) and the American (which was almost all BlackBerry). The UK also has almost half of their list occupied by BlackBerry, with the 8310 nabbing top spot. Speaking of which, the BlackBerry 8310 holds 5th. place worldwide in the popularity contest among Opera users. This State of the Mobile Web report is a pretty cool idea on Opera’s part, especially if you’ve developed a taste for this kind of thing with Google Trends. If you’re sick of the BlackBerry’s browser, you can get Opera Mini by visiting http://mini.opera.com/ on your mobile.

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1.9% of iPhone shoppers are BlackBerry traitors


iPhone 3G

A survey by UBS Investment Research of 100-odd US iPhone buyers last weekend revealed that of the five BlackBerry owners there, only two would be making the full switch. That number went up slightly in the UK, to 3.6%. This might be good news for RIM, since they’re clearly not losing customers, but it also goes to show how much of the market Apple is penetrating with their recently-launched iPhone 3G. That being said, it could easily be paving the way for the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder when it comes out later this year. One way or the other, the RIM stance of a mutually exclusive customer base could turn out to be true after all.

“Although our sample size was limited (relative to the global launch), we believe these results give a decent indication for the market share obtained by the iPhone on Day 1…,” [UBS' Jeffrey Fan] said. “As it relates to RIM, the survey results are consistent with our view that the BlackBerry user base today largely differs from the iPhone user base.”

BlackBerry Bold distant second to iPhone 3G demand


iPhone 3G

According to the latest RBC Capital Markets report, 56% of consumers looking to pick up a smartphone in the next three months having the iPhone 3G at the top of their list, with the BlackBerry Bold following up at 23%. Ouch. So does this mean the iPhone’s features are wowing buyers? Not quite. The biggest factor influencing these decisions is the announced price cut of $199 on the 8 GB model and $299 for the 16 GB iPhone 3G. The extra speed from 3G was a close second point of interest, while GPS was the third most important factor. It’s bizzarre, considering the BlackBerry 9000 will be covering all of these bases, too – T-Mobile Germany’s price point for the Bold has been revealed, putting it in the same ballpark as the iPhone. Maybe if we had clearer information on BlackBerry Bold pricing, folks would be more inclined to consider it a competitor to the iPhone…

Workers still check BlackBerrys on holidays


BlackBerry Bold as a ball and chain

A recent study of bank employees by Credant Technologies showed that a staggering 83% will be taking their BlackBerrys and mobiles with them on holiday, a third will be bringing their laptop, and a quarter would check their e-mail. In a lot of workplaces, this kind of mentality is certainly the norm, but wouldn’t it be nice to de-shackle the old ball and chain once in awhile? More progressive employers, like the Immigration Canada, are trying to cut down on BlackBerry burnout, but that’s apparently the exception rather than the rule. Summer’s here guys – who’s going to be checking their work e-mail while they’re at the cottage?

Do the Big BlackBerry Cool Survey, get free theme


Excellent, dudeHey folks, we’ve got a survey up for anyone who wants a snazzy free icon theme. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete, and asks a few basic demographic questions, a few questions about your BlackBerry and how you use it, and finally your thoughts on BlackBerry Cool. We’re hoping to cover all of the bases with this survey, and share the information with some of the big players in the BlackBerry world so they can better tailor their products to you. It’ll also help us here at BBCool to provide better coverage for the topics you care about. At the end of the survey, you’ll be given a link to download a new theme with an icy blue design.

NOTE: The downloads are in a RAR format, which is a compression method like ZIP. You need to nab a program like WinRAR to open them. We’ll try to get a ZIP version up soon, since it’s a little more well-known. Our themes page gives a quick run-down on how to install themes once you’ve downloaded them.

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Fill in a survey, get a 50% off coupon for Bplay


Magmic logoMagmic Games, a developer of BlackBerry games and the creators of the Bplay portal, have released a smartphone gaming survey. Anyone who completes the survey will get a free coupon for 50% off any product at Bplay. The survey has around 40 questions covering a wide range of subjects, including where and when you play games on your BlackBerry–at home, at work, on your commute, and so on–and how often you play the BlackBerry as opposed to computers, consoles, or handhelds like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. It also asks what websites you check for news, including yours truly, and some purely demographic information like age, sex, and (optionally) income. It only takes 20 minutes or so to complete and 50% off is hard to pass up.