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SpeedLock BlackBerry App for OS 6 and OS 7 Devices


It’s fun to swipe your BlackBerry to unlock it and a new app by Boardwalk Mobile lets you swipe unlock your BlackBerry Bold Touch and other touchscreen devices. The app works for both touch and non-touch devices and comes at a very reasonable $0.99 price tag.
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BlackBerry Storm device lock app SwipeLock special discount


SwipeLock BlackBerry Storm

SwipeLock is a very popular application for the BlackBerry Storm. This is yet another application I would like to see native on the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2, aka the BlackBerry Odin.

For a limited time, BlackBerry Cool readers get a special $3.00 discount on the all-in-one touch screen/device lock for your Storm.

SwipeLock has all of the features of TalkLock, plus it enables you to:

  • Fully-configure your settings – enter “white list” phone numbers that will not activate the screen lock, set a screen lock delay for incoming and/or outgoing calls.
  • Quickly lock your whole device and unlock using a unique finger swipe pattern on the touch screen – faster and easier than typing an alphanumeric password!
  • Put your device in Standby Mode to save battery and prevent screen touches and button presses.

Purchase a copy of SwipeLock for your BlackBerry Storm for $3.99 after the discount

Use the promo code “BBCOOLSWIPELOCK” to get your BlackBerry Cool special discount of 50% off.