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Robert Rodriguez Represents BlackBerry at SXSW


SXSW is becoming increasingly star-studded as companies hope to draw attention to their wares. In the mobile space this year, Samsung is sponsoring a Prince concert while BlackBerry is staying true to their productive roots by getting Robert Rodriguez to host a talk on filmmaking followed by a sweet backyard BBQ.
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Pandora Announces Business Subscriptions to Avoid Litigation and Supply Great Music


Pandora announced today at SXSW their new “Pandora for Business” service. Many users don’t know that the music they listen to personally on the Pandora app is not licensed for re-broadcast. In other words, you can’t play it publicly at your business. Many businesses do just that, however. A Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles in Southern California is an example of a small business who was recently fined over $200,000 for playing 8 songs in a non-licensed manner. Ouch. Pandora has partnered with long-time business music delivery company DMX to offer a simple piece of hardware, plus a fully licensed and legal monthly subscription at $24.95.
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Borglar Turns Your Town Into The Newest Immersive Video Game #Android


If you’ve ever wished that your home town was one of the levels on a game like Super Mario Bros, then your wish has come true. Augmented reality firm Borglar uses your smartphone camera, plus geolocation, to turn any town into a game. They can set tokens and mystery items pretty much anywhere you point your phone. You have to get out, search and discover and then you can claim the various items. Gather enough tokens and you start to earn local discounts or deals.
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In A World Of “Free”, Money Takes Center Stage At SXSW


SXSW (South By Southwest) Interactive is notorious for giving everything away free t-shirts, free food, free drinks, free apps, free, free, free. It’s practically your “right” as a show attendee that you shouldn’t have to spend money on anything; except maybe a pedal-cab ride. This year, however, it’s not the big new free app that’s capturing everyone’s attention, it’s money.

Everywhere you turn in Austin there’s another way to buy, sell, get a deal or somehow exchange payment. There have even been more than a handful of sessions on mobile payments. The speakers are claiming that “now” is the time for mobile payments to really take off. With options from gamified payments to payment within well-known apps to NFC, it could make your head spin. I haven’t honestly seen one super-standout app, but I’ve downloaded quite a few options to give them a try. And I’ve spoken to the others to find out what makes them tick.
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Prove BlackBerry Users Party Hardest and Take the 100Proof.Me Booze Test #SXSW


Some companies have internalized the anti-BlackBerry media sentiment to the point where they don’t even realize lacking BlackBerry support is bad for business. A great example is 100Proof.me which has a booze test for SXSW attendees and they’re recording a live stream of how much people are drinking. BlackBerry users are known for hard work and what follows is almost always hard play. So rather than ignore this company, we want to write about them and get people using their mobile website. The latest OS 7 browser renders 100Proof.me really well (screenshot below) and if we flood the site with enough data, hopefully they’ll start publishing it. So go to 100Proof.me from your BlackBerry and start taking the Booze Test.
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RIM Hosting BlackBerry Developer Jam Sessions at SXSW #BBJamSXSW


RIM is hosting a BlackBerry developer jam session for developers where you can meet BlackBerry experts and develop a killer app. BlackBerry devs are there to help you implement NFC in your app or help it go viral. Also, developers can bring their best app ideas and pitch it for a free BlackBerry PlayBook. There doesn’t seem to be any real restrictions, so even if your idea is “port my existing app” you’ll probably walk away with a free tablet. Android devs should definitely head over as the BlackBerry Jam Session is right near the Google Village too.
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