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Tablets at SXSWi: How the Big Three Were Positioning Themselves


ipad 2
Alexia Tsotsis interviewing an iPad 2 owner. At one point he said “I’m so excited I can’t talk.” I think that perfectly sums up Apple fans.

While SXSWi was mostly about apps and software, there was still some buzz about tablets. The three big players were there showing off their tablets: Android had the Motorola XOOM, Apple had their iPad 2 and RIM was present with the PlayBook. All three players had different strategies at the show and some were by far more effective than others.
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SXSWi: What Was the Killer App or Company At the Show?



SXSWi is over and while we’re still wondering what the killer app at the show was one can’t help but be overwhelmed with the noise. It’s also a lot of the noise that means there doesn’t seem to be a single app or company that launched at South by that could be considered the next big thing.

I once heard that success at South by depends on whether you can get people at the show Laid, Made or Paid. Location-based chat apps were going to be a killer app for the conference and the timing is just right. People are getting increasingly comfortable converting social network strangers to real-life acquaintances, and the “getting people laid” portion of the show will be much easier with location-based chat apps. While the idea is great, it really didn’t seem like location-based chat apps were doing much for anyone at South by.
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SXSWi: Is All This Advertising Really Worth It?



If you had the chance to experience South by Southwest Interactive, the first thing that hits you is the noise. It seems almost every person in the world with a tech startup is at the show hustling and trying to be the next big thing. Popular marketing tools at the show include stickers, posters, QR codes, and cute girls with pamphlets whom some of them can’t answer basic questions about the app. One company that was making a huge push was GroupedIn. The company went further than most, buying up mobile billboards and trying to stay above the noise by pouring marketing dollars into the show. But is it really worth it?
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Going to SXSW? Let’s Meet Up!



RIM is going to be at SXSW and so will BlackBerryCool. There probably won’t be much news on the BlackBerry side of things, and we’ll most likely get the same old PlayBook demo we’ve been seeing all over the Internet. We’ll also be covering the Interactive portion of SXSW and meeting with companies to find out what they’re up. Stay tuned on BlackBerryCool and read about some highly bloggable apps and services.

If you’re at the show, drop us a line at tips@blackberrycool.com.

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Slacker Launches SXSW Cedar Street Courtyard Party Station


Slacker and FILTER Magazine have announced a free radio station featuring music from the Cedar Street Courtyard – the most attended day party at SXSW. The station includes artists such as Miike Snow, BRMC, Dr. Dog and Frightened Rabbit.

To listen, go to slacker.com/filter or head over to the spotlight section in the BlackBerry app.

More information about the Slacker app for BlackBerry in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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