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Imagining the BlackBerry Torch With a Front-Facing Camera


blackberry front facing camera

It seems that when the BlackBerry Torch was in its early engineering phases, it was called the BlackBerry Tardis. There are some interesting/funny pictures of the early engineering device that features the Synaptics branding and two holes where the LED light is positioned. The second hole, while it’s most likely a proximity sensor, has me dreaming of a front-facing camera on the Torch. Considering the Torch was said to be RIM’s answer to the iPhone 4, it would be cool to see something like FaceTime but integrated into BlackBerry Messenger. A front-facing camera would also fit nicely into the branding of the Torch as “where business meets fun”. Not only could you use a front-facing camera for fun, but enterprise clients could use it for video conferencing. More images after the jump.
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