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WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry Transfers Media to PC



Chocolate Chunk Apps have just released WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry which allows you to automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from your BlackBerry to your PC, wirelessly and in the background.

This is a great feature in that you can roam around all day, taking photos, video or voice notes, and when you return to your office or home, they’re there waiting for you on your PC. The application requires two parts: a BlackBerry app, and a lightweight PC application called Media Server.

This app is a great product for anyone who uses a lot of the media capabilities of their device and wants a backup of it all on their PC. Personally, I wish the sync would go both ways, and include the ability to transfer music files as well. That would make this the ultimate over-the-air media app.

More information about WiFi Media Backup available in the BlackBerry Cool store.

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Nomadesk and Bell Canada partner to offer unlimited cloud storage



Bell Canada have selected Nomadesk to provide cloud storage for users to share, sync, encrypt, backup and store files from any location, whether online or offline. For $15 per month per file server, an unlimited number of team members can access, share and save docs with unlimited storage capacity. Cloud storage includes password protection, local 256-bit encryption, synchronization and offline access at no extra charge.

Register for a free 30 day trial with Nomadesk.

Once registered, you can access the cloud from your BlackBerry at mynomadesk.mobi.

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Register and beta test the latest sync solution for BlackBerry Syncamatic



Syncamatic is the latest sync solution that lets you sync your email, tasks, contacts and files OTA with your BlackBerry. Currently, the app is in beta but the company has been good enough to let a handfull of BlackBerry Cool readers sign up for a private beta testing. As a result, they will be giving this group a free copy of the full version plus a 1 year subscription.

You must be a PC user (Outlook) and Mac users will be invited later. Syncamatic will only be accepting 100 beta testers for now but you can also sign up and be notified when the app goes live.

Send an email to beta@syncamatic.com to register for the private beta group.

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Best Buy offering free wireless sync solution for BlackBerry



Best Buy Mobile have launched their mIQ wireless sync solution, and it’s a great way to get BES-style contact syncing but for free.

Once you have installed the app, all your contacts, calendar, SMS, and call log information are backed up to the mIQ servers. The service will also back up all your pictures and video. The app includes Facebook integration so you can set your status, which isn’t the most useful feature but welcomed nonetheless. mIQ will also tell you how much memory is free on the SDcard.

Try mIQ Live from Best Buy and wirelessly sync your contacts and media for free.

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SugarSync updated and offers 10GB free with referral program


SugarSync is a fairly robust piece of software which gives you remote file access and editing, on-demand synchronization, shared folders and improved camera features.

Starting today, SugarSync accounts will have improved folder sharing capabilities, allowing users to collaborate with anyone in their Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo Mail contact lists. Users can also directly upload photos stored in SugarSync to Facebook, providing a streamlined way to share photos with Facebook friends while also securely storing them in their SugarSync accounts.

Under the new referral program, users can get up to 10 GB free for each person they refer to sign up for a SugarSync account. To refer someone, you can share a SugarSync folder with them, or send them an invitation through Facebook or Twitter.

You can download SugarSync OTA at m.sugarsync.com or visit the main site for more info. SugarSync also offers a free 2GB plan.



A new sync solution for your BlackBerry and media files



DoubleTwist is a powerful application that that allows you to play, sync and send videos and music between your BlackBerry and desktop.

The public BETA of Windows doubleTwist is now available. The Mac version went out a little more than a month ago and generated headlines like “doubleTwist may be the coolest universal media manager ever.”

We feel that just like you don’t have to use a different browser for every web site you visit (Firefox to read the NY Times, IE to stream Hulu, Chrome to browse YouTube, etc) you shouldn’t have to use iTunes for Apple products, Nokia software for Nokia phones, Sony software for Sony products, etc. The typical household today has many such devices and we are building a simple and powerful software that connects them.

Try doubleTwist to sync your BlackBerry and media files.