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Syncamatic Goes 2.0 and Launches Syncamatic for Mac in App World



Syncamatic has a couple of big announcements including the release of Syncamatic for Mac in App World as well as the release of Syncamatic 2.0. The latest version of Syncamatic wirelessly synchronizes your Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad and Tasks between your BlackBerry, Mac or PC. Syncamatic 2.0 has some pretty cool new features including:

  • Automatic synchronization using BlackBerry Push Service – Keep your data up-to-date in real time while minimizing impact on battery life.
  • Active Organization – Stay productive while Syncamatic manages and mitigates duplicate entries between your computer and mobile device.
  • The Always On Experience – Continue using your BlackBerry® normally while Syncamatic synchronizes seamlessly in the background.
  • Lossless Synchronization – When coverage is lost, your data isn’t.
  • Faster Synchronization – Open Syncamatic directly from your Address Book, Calendar, Tasks or MemoPad.
  • Secure Wireless – All data sent over the air is encrypted using the latest and most secure techniques.
  • Free Software Updates – Keep Syncamatic running smooth and error-free with instant software update notifications.

Check out Syncamatic for Mac in App World.

Syncamatic for Outlook can also be found in App World.

Both are available as a free download and the premium version costs $6.99/month.

Syncamatic Poll Asks Users for Next Feature to be Implemented



Syncamatic is a 2-way wireless sync solution for your BlackBerry that lets you sync contacts, calendar events and more. The app also lets you create and edit Memos in your MemoPad and save changes to your Outlook Notes folder. Currently, the app features:

  • 2-way wireless sync between Outlook and BlackBerry
  • Fully sync Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Memos, and Tasks
  • Use BlackBerry native apps
  • Supports Wi-Fi, BIS connections and more
  • Auto suspend while roaming
  • 100% FREE without expiry date

Syncamatic is looking for your help to determine what the next feature to be implemented should be. Take a second to help out Syncamatic with this quick poll.

Automatically Sync OTA with Outlook and Entourage with Syncamatic


Syncamatic is a new app that automatically syncs your address book, calendar, task-list and memo notes between your BlackBerry and your PC or Mac. The sync is performed wirelessly (OTA) and there is a free version that provides much of the same functionality except in the free version, sync is manual and in the premium version it’s automatic. Currently, only Outlook 2007 is supported, but you get automatic updates, reset synchronization and more.

To find out more about Syncamatic, and how the Mac version integrates with Entourage and MobileMe, sign up for the company’s webcast.

Check out Syncamatic in App World.

Register and beta test the latest sync solution for BlackBerry Syncamatic



Syncamatic is the latest sync solution that lets you sync your email, tasks, contacts and files OTA with your BlackBerry. Currently, the app is in beta but the company has been good enough to let a handfull of BlackBerry Cool readers sign up for a private beta testing. As a result, they will be giving this group a free copy of the full version plus a 1 year subscription.

You must be a PC user (Outlook) and Mac users will be invited later. Syncamatic will only be accepting 100 beta testers for now but you can also sign up and be notified when the app goes live.

Send an email to beta@syncamatic.com to register for the private beta group.