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RIM’s Facebook Fans Worth $245 Million According to Syncapse


Syncapse is a company that specializes in social networking for brands and corporations and develops software called SocialTRAC. The software attempts to analyze purchasing habits and brand loyalties in order to determine social value. The company has said that the fans of BlackBerry on Facebook are valued at $245,214,042 (or $83.98 per user).

The idea that RIM’s 3M or so Facebook fans could be worth $245M seems far fetched. The company that is promoting these numbers has an obvious motive to inflate the value of social networks in order to promote the value of their product SocialTRAC. Also, the numbers don’t seem to add up. The official BlackBerry Facebook page has 1,149,891 users, and Syncapse is clearly including the 23 related pages for BlackBerry. These pages include all of the carriers and regions that would probably have duplicate users across several pages.
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