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Funambol Syncs Your PIM Data and Photos With the Cloud



Funambol has launched a mobile cloud service that wirelessly syncs your BlackBerry with your PC and Outlook. The service also allows you to upload pictures to social networks and photo sites. The service is available in Beta in App World, or you can check out the service by downloading it from your device.
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Syncamatic Poll Asks Users for Next Feature to be Implemented



Syncamatic is a 2-way wireless sync solution for your BlackBerry that lets you sync contacts, calendar events and more. The app also lets you create and edit Memos in your MemoPad and save changes to your Outlook Notes folder. Currently, the app features:

  • 2-way wireless sync between Outlook and BlackBerry
  • Fully sync Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Memos, and Tasks
  • Use BlackBerry native apps
  • Supports Wi-Fi, BIS connections and more
  • Auto suspend while roaming
  • 100% FREE without expiry date

Syncamatic is looking for your help to determine what the next feature to be implemented should be. Take a second to help out Syncamatic with this quick poll.

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SugarSync Now Lets Users Stream Music From Cloud Storage


sugarsync for blackberry

SugarSync is a sync, backup and sharing service that has recently enabled the ability to let users stream music from their cloud-based SugarSync storage account to their BlackBerry. SugarSync for BlackBerry features the ability to remotely access, open and easily share your computer files, including documents, photos and more stored in a SugarSync account. With an appropriate document editor, files can be edited as well and synced back.
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[Video] Creative Task Sync Between Mac OSX Leopard and BlackBerry


Mac users for some time had to get a little creative when syncing information to and from their BlackBerrys. Today, we’ll have a look at how to get creative with your tasks and sync them with your BlackBerry.

Since the inclusion of “system-wide to-dos” within Mac OSX 10.5 (known as Leopard), developers of to-do applications received a new set of API’s to work with, and unknowingly simplified a BlackBerry user’s life.  Developers of such apps include an iCal Sync feature which allows a sort of information highway between their task management application, iCal, Mail and other 3rd party apps that include that same feature.

Here is a little guide I’ve made, to get you started:
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BIS 3.1 Screenshot Confirms Address Book Sync


Although we’re hearing rumors that BIS 3.1 and 3.2 are coming with Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail sync, it’s always good to see some screenshots that confirm. The most recent leaks show some Address Book sync with Yahoo! confirming that we’ll be seeing this in upcoming BIS versions.
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CyberSynchs Offers Cloud Sync and Storage for $2.99 per Month


CyberSynchs have a cloud sync system that lets you store your personal data and sync with any mobile device that has the app.

The CyberSynchs app will back up data on your BlackBerry including phone numbers, address books, calendars, voice messages, text messages, emails, music, ring tones, GPS locations, photos, videos and a host of other files that are stored on the device. Each user’s information is stored and protected on CyberSynch’s cloud where it can be recovered. In the event your BlackBerry is damaged or lost, CyberSynchs can write all of the stored data back to the device.

To download the free trial, head over to Cybersynchs.com/signup and register for a week trial. After the free trial, Cybersynchs is $2.99 per month.

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