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How to sync all your contacts, calendars and events with Nexthaus


Most companies who are BlackBerry-centric have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. It’s the ultimate solution for sync’ing your device with your contacts, calendars and events wirelessly with your desktop/laptop. But what about that growing consumer market? The average consumer is clearly not going to spend the cash or energy to set up their own BES, but they still need to sync their device. One option available to you is Nexthaus.

Among the many benefits of having a sync’ed lifestyle is that your life stays organized. Having all your calendars and contacts sync’ed wirelessly means you can effectively manage your life and stay mobile. Take for example the following situation:

You’re at a dinner party and one of the guests just so happens to work for that store you’ve been meaning to go to. The guest offers his contact info and tells you to come by the store Monday morning. When the conversation is done, you log the contact info into your phone and set a calendar event for the date, time and location of the store. Sync’ing this info will mean you’ll instantly know of schedule conflicts and you’ll be reminded when the time comes. Being sync’ed means more effective networking.

Nexthaus is a company we’ve been working with recently and they have great software to sync your device wirelessly. The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the software. Go to their homepage and select SyncJe for BlackBerry. Now follow these simple instructions and you’re set.

If you know of other companies that offer similar software, we’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment and we’ll follow up.