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Preview: Project Tango


WES is just a few days away, and BBCool will be rocking the show with pictures, twitters, and fritters. As always, our coverage will be pushed through Viigo, but you might have heard that they’re getting a pretty beefy upgrade, including audio and podcasting. WES will be the first glimpse at the app in action, and thought y’all might appreciate an advance look…

For more info, check out Viigo’s walkthrough or viigo.com/tango for notifications on public beta availability.

Beta sign-up for Tango announced


TangoIf those first looks weren’t enough to whet your palette, you should check out this new trailer with speakers turned up nice and loud. Viigo’s big update for WES is coming closer to light, and promises weather, sports, blogs, flights, hotels, local points of interest, and podcasts, alongside the great RSS service we’ve already come to enjoy on your BlackBerry. If you haven’t tried out Viigo yet, grab it – you won’t be disappointed. As for a release, we’re looking at something about a month after WES, but you can sign up for the mid-May beta right now! We’re really excited for Viigo and all the new services they’ll be introducing to your BlackBerry, and we’ve been promised that what we’ll be seeing soon is just the beginning. You should check out our last podcast for a closer look at Viigo’s angle on Tango.