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RIMM target price raised


MoneybagsRIM’s stock has hit an all-time high of $88.23 yesterday after a Canaccord Adams analyst bumped up their target price to $120 and reiterated their “Buy” rating. This came hot on the heels of a handset survey putting BlackBerrys in a favourable light. On the market, RIM hasn’t lost any steam since the 3-to-1 stock split, even in the light of iPhone hype. Right now, RIMM is sitting at $86.97, up $1.49 (1.74%).

RIM’s stock splits, keeps climbing


Bag 'o moneyRIM’s 3-to-1 stock split announced back after their Q1 results happened today, and price continues rising as steadily as ever. Financial analysts continue to be optimistic, some even saying that the stock could double in a year, putting it right back where we left off. The target price now sits at $95.