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Viira for BlackBerry 10 Launches, 1/3 Off for a Limited Time


Viira, the productivity app based on David Allen’s book Getting Things Done is now available for BlackBerry 10. The app works in conjunction with an Outlook plugin to bring actionable elements, contexts, projects and day tasks to keep staff on the task at hand and remain productive.
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Presta Task List App With Native Task Sync and Better User Interface


The native task app doesn’t get much love from RIM but I’m sure we’ll see some interesting stuff when BlackBerry 10 is out and the TAT UI stuff is available. If you’re looking for a better task app, we recommend you take a look at Prista by Karta Mobile. The app is currently available at a discount price and also features a free trial.
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[Video] Creative Task Sync Between Mac OSX Leopard and BlackBerry


Mac users for some time had to get a little creative when syncing information to and from their BlackBerrys. Today, we’ll have a look at how to get creative with your tasks and sync them with your BlackBerry.

Since the inclusion of “system-wide to-dos” within Mac OSX 10.5 (known as Leopard), developers of to-do applications received a new set of API’s to work with, and unknowingly simplified a BlackBerry user’s life.  Developers of such apps include an iCal Sync feature which allows a sort of information highway between their task management application, iCal, Mail and other 3rd party apps that include that same feature.

Here is a little guide I’ve made, to get you started:
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Task manager app TaskMaster with S4BB software integration


taskmaster for blackberry

S4BB have released their task management application for BlackBerry called TaskMaster. TaskMaster for BlackBerry is a robust to do list application that works well with other S4BB products such as NextAction!

Being a task manager, it is best described as a feature set which includes:

  • Fast one click category switching.
  • Full featured task support: due dates, priorities, notes, status, etc.
  • Synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Novell Groupwise, iCal, Entourage, and more.
  • 100% compatible with internal Blackberry Task Application and NextAction!.
  • Enhanced for implementing GTD (Getting Things Done).
  • Purchase Task Manager for the special price of $19.99 until May 27.


    TaskMaster on sale for big discount



    TaskMaster, a juiced version of the integrated BlackBerry Tasks app, has slashed its price from $29.99 to $9.99 until September 12th. – a crazy discount no matter what software you’re looking at buying. One-click category switching, Outlook synchronization, and task creation by hotkey. Although this might seem like it replaces the BlackBerry Tasks app, it actually syncs up with it. NextAction! integration is also available, so you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be working on. Interested? Check out TaskMaster!


    PocketMac update supports Entourage and iTunes


    AppleMac users rejoice! Entourage 2008, designed to emulate much of Microsoft Office, can now support syncing for BlackBerrys released as of May through PocketMac. Devices running OS 4.5 reportedly work like a charm for getting contacts, tasks, and calendar items off your Mac and onto your BlackBerry via Entourage. iTunes support is also in there, although it’s kind of funny that PC users got the iTunes Media Sync first. This is pretty awesome for Mac users everywhere, considering the complete lack of love they tend to get from RIM. Hopefully this will keep enough of them from going with the iPhone instead… Hey, you can always make your BlackBerry look like an iPhone with themes like iBerry in Today, Icon and Zen styles. Head on over to the PocketMac site to download version 4.1.25.

    (via TUAW)