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Vlingo launches software for BlackBerry


You’ve seen some of their fine white label work with Yahoo!, but Vlingo’s going it alone with their new application which promises to control pretty much everything on your BlackBerry through voice. All BlackBerrys come built in with a voice dialling app, but Vlingo is going to do a lot more than just that… You’ll be able to text and e-mail by dictation, open applications like Calendar and Maps, search your address book, and make web searches using Vlingo. One very cool feature Vlingo’s packing is Note2Self, where you can pull the classic “Note to self: Pick up laundry. Groom cat. Begin plans for global domination”, which then get tacked onto your tasks, or sent to yourself as an e-mail or text. Super-awesome. I’m really excited about the possibility of third-party apps plugging into Vlingo, too. Tune in to our next podcast to get the full down-low on the new software.

Click this link to download Vlingo for free or head to m.vlingo.com on your BlackBerry.

Remember The Milk offers BlackBerry syncing


MilkSyncRemember The Milk has let us know that they’ve just released a BlackBerry version of the syncing software for their to-do-list web app. The web-based service allows users to quickly and easily add tasks, and then be reminded of them over email, text message, or a huge variety of instant messengers. With MilkSync you can sync your BlackBerry tasks list with your list on Remember The Milk, combining the two or having one overwrite the other. Using the software requires a pro account, which costs $25 for a one year subscription, but there’s a 15 day trial period available.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: REXwireless


REXWireless logoideaMatrix from REXwireless got top marks when we reviewed it just over a year ago. The software allows you to collect your numerous ideas in a central location, as well as categorize and sort them based on whatever criteria you want. todoMatrix works similarly, except with your important tasks and objectives, and with those of the team under you. For companies, they’ve got software like referenceMatrix and knowledgeMatrix, which allow you to distribute and keep track of important materials. A little something for everyone, and definitely something to check out at WES.

StudentBerry helps berry-carriers hit the books


StudentBerryStudentBerry has been recently released, now letting go-getter academics keep close tabs on assignments and classes. Having been an arts student, I don’t know a damn thing about hard work or diligence, but surely there are some more business-like kids out there packing BlackBerrys and wanting to stay on top of their studies. Although it’s little more than a tweaked task manager, having things changed just enough for the student life makes it a nicely tailored piece of software. In the long run, there’s plenty of opportunity for close synchronization with BlackBerry’s native address book, calendar and tasks application. More info over here.

Review: Mentat


MentatMentat is a lightweight task management system based on the growingly-popular Getting Things Done philosophy. BlackBerry software is paired up with a web client to help organize tasks into categories, assign them to particular people, update status, leave comments, and plenty more. It’s a solid step up from the built-in Tasks application primarily by virtue of sharing a daily agenda with others and being able to communicate about those projects. There are some basic things that Tasks has that would be really great to see in Mentat, but it’s still in beta and features are being added on an ongoing basis.

Let’s take a closer look…

Open-Xchange Server 5 gets BlackBerry client


SyncJeNexthaus has just announced SyncJe for BlackBerry, letting your handhelds sync up to Open-Xchange Server 5. Open-Xchange is an open source, web-based office client optimized for Linux, and works just dandy with Outlook. SyncJe aims to extend all of its handy office functions like calendars, contacts, e-mail, tasks and document sharing to your handheld. If you’re already set up with an Open-Xchange server, a 15-day trial of SyncJe for BlackBerry is available for download over the air at www.nexthaus.com/bb/syncjebb.jad. The full retail runs for a scant $39.95.