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Shots from the D.C. ‘Taste of BlackBerry’ Event


photos from the D.C. Taste of BlackBerry event

Many members of the BlackBerry Nation might not have heard about the ‘Taste of BlackBerry’ events RIM holds regularly all over the U.S. The events are posh press junkets designed to place top-tier BlackBerry developers in front of technology journalists. While invited, we were a little hesitant to fly due to recent changes in U.S. border policy. We were lucky to be the recipients of some photos from the event, though, and it looks like a lot of familiar names in the BlackBerry space were able to attend: Viigo, Impatica, WICKSoft, DataViz and Unify4Live. Sadly, we’ve been told that while the food and drinks were swell (including a special BlackBerry-specific number), the event was mostly a dud – turns out there were more vendors than press! Oh well, maybe we’ll hit the next one.

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