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Cascades for BB10: Beta 3 released


Good news from the twittersphere: Cascades Beta 3 is out!

Cascades is the beautiful UI framework that’s being developed over at RIM based off of the highly celebrated acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe from Sweden. This will enable developers to make highly responsive and polished applications that are sure to make BB10 a hit.

Developers will be treated in this beta to the BB10 Social Platform that we all know and love. We can also expect to see developers take full advantage of the new UI additions or even start integrating calendar, contact, and email support. These additions are just the tip of the iceberg and a promising first few steps in the right direction. Keep your eyes peeled for the Beta 4 and 5 releases in November as well as the beta 6 in December of this year.

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TAT Displays BlackBerry 10 OS Development Progress Through Beta


Choose your development flavour and follow along as features get added to BlackBerry 10. Features get finalized in a beautifully designed retro flight arrival board by the UI wizards at That Astonishing Tribe.
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BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote with Thorsten Heins


This year’s Keynote was all about BlackBerry 10 and the direction RIM is headed towards. Thorsten Heins spoke about how focused his team is on delivering the goods with BlackBerry 10 with an emphasis on both consumer and enterprise markets.
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TAT Demos a Mind-Blowing BlackBerry PlayBook Document and File Sharing Concept App


The PlayBook is gearing up to be a pretty awesome Professional Tablet and at Mobile World Congress, TAT was showing off a demo of a concept app for how documents and files could be shared among a group of tablets. It’s demos like this that show TAT as being a great acquisition for the company. As QNX provides the powerful OS that will enable the apps of the future, TAT will provide the UI/UX that will make them stand out above the competition. See the videos below to see what file sharing among PlayBooks could look like.
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The Astonishing Tribe Demos Stereoscopic 3D App


YouTube Link

The Astonishing Tribe has been showing off some pretty cool concept apps at Mobile World Congress and one of them is a stereoscopic 3D app. The app shows off a carousel style view of some stereoscopic 3D images and shows how the 1080p high definition display, combined with the HDMI output, a nice flatscreen and some fancy coding, all work smoothly together.

The idea of wearing glasses to view 3D is a little lame, but again, it’s just a concept app. Read more about it from Inside BlackBerry.

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Google’s Andy Rubin Admits RIM is on the Right Track with Acquisitions


Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, was on Dive Into Mobile talking about Android as well as the competition. During the interview, Walt Mossberg began explaining how RIM has done a great job of building an “iconic” product but goes on to say that they’re fading in light of the competition, mostly due to the fact that they’re working with a legacy product.

Rubin’s response to Mossberg was to point out the similarities in the story of the RAZR. The Motorola RAZR was an iconic product but it eventually faded away. Motorola’s response was to switch to Android, but Rubin isn’t suggesting that’s the solution for RIM. The solution is to go through design cycles because a legacy product doesn’t allow you to keep up with the fast pace of the competition. Rubin then points to the acquisitions RIM has made with QNX, TAT and DataViz, and says they’re doing all the right things to fill in the pieces and keep up with the hyper competitive market.

Good form, Rubin. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Stay tuned for Mike Lazaridis at Dive Into Mobile.

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