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Tata to launch Indian BlackBerry service


IndiaBack in April, Indian carrier Tata Teleservices was held back from starting up BlackBerry service due to newly-discovered security concerns, but it sounds like they’re sick of waiting and will be launching within the next two months. The whole Indian security thing was a pretty big mess, with RIM and the Canadian government getting involved, and eventually finishing in a big talk which seems to have resolved most issues, or at least determined a solid course of action. Tata has promised that whenever the Indian government has decided on what they want to do security-wise, they will happily abide.

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DoT warns against Tata BlackBerry rollout


diaThat announcement yesterday was clearly not received well. India’s Department of Telecom has sent a letter to carrier Tata Teleservices to withhold BlackBerry services until the proper monitoring measures were in place, which must frustrating after seeing the likes of Bharti Airtel and Reliance continue to rake in the dough all this time. It sounds like there is, in fact, a system that’s been established in collaboration with RIM, now it’s just a matter of implementing it across all Indian carriers.

Indian carrier rolls out BlackBerry, moons gov’t


Despite the partial ban on BlackBerry services that was just announced, Indian carrier Tata Teleservices has gone ahead and rolled them out anyway. Tata was the company that started the whole mess in India when they tried to get government certification for the release. Funnily enough, other operators like Bharti and Vodafone never bothered with certification and have had BlackBerrys on the market for a while. Tata is, understandably, distressed by the “significant loss of business opportunity and recurring revenues” they’ve suffered, and said as much in a letter to the Department of Telecom that is behind the ban. There’s no word on just how the Indian government has responded to the move, so the next few days should prove quite interesting.