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H&R Block and Pageonce Launch Mobile Tax Refund Tracking Service



H&R Block and Pageonce have announced that you can track the status of your tax refund from your BlackBerry. To facilitate this, H&R Block’s Tax Center is integrated into the Pageonce mobile app and provides DIY filers with timely updates of the status of their tax return, and more importantly, their federal and state tax refunds. Users simply enter their H&R Block At Home username and password in the Pageonce mobile app, and their information is automatically populated into the Tax Center. Taxpayers can instantly see when their refund will arrive.

To learn more about the service, head over to the Pageonce site.

You can also grab Pageonce from App World.

Uncle Sam wants your BlackBerry – new taxes could affect usage



The line between corporate user and consumer is becoming increasingly gray. For example, an application such as Gwabbit, that automatically adds email signatures to contacts, is geared towards enterprise, but it’s equally useful for consumers.

The IRS has become aware of this trend and is now weighing a proposal to deem one-quarter of employees’ use of work cell phones as personal use and therefore subject to tax as a fringe benefit.

Although this would only translate to around $100 per year for most users, it’s still harsh to arbitrarily assign the 1/4 value as personal use. Many users don’t have the IT permission to download apps and do the fun personal things they’d like to do with their device, and yet they’ll still have to pay this tax.

Calculate your added taxes under this proposal:

[Yearly BlackBerry bills x Marginal Rate (eg 20%) x 25% for personal use]

How much are you paying under this proposal?