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New free LBS app Centrl integrates web, maps and social networks



Location based services have been getting an incredible amount of attention by investors and consumers alike. LBS adds another layer of data to our mobile experience, and has the ability to enrich almost any application we use today.

Centrl is the latest LBS application for BlackBerry (also available for other platforms) and it is completely free of charge. The service also lets you login from your existing accounts (Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Friendster, Ning, Hi5, bebo, Orkut, iTimes, or Sonico) which means there’s no need to register.

Like any good LBS application, Centrl pulls in data from Yelp, Citisearch, Wikipedia and other databases, in order to help users find location sensitive information. The app will also broadcast your whereabouts, and help you connect with friends and users.

One particularly unique feature of this application is that it offers a free IM client that is displayed on the map. Users who are viewing the service on a PC, can communicate with users who are on their mobile, virtually in real-time and without fees for both sides.

Try it out for yourself! Again, Centrl is a free service that will only get better as more users get on board. See who is using it in your area.

Download Centrl for your BlackBerry OTA by pointing to http://centrl.com/bb/centrl.jad from your BlackBerry browser.



Motally analytics have big implications for BlackBerry apps



Motally provides analytics for mobile web sites and applications, making it somewhat like Google Analytics for mobile devices. The service applies to both web and applications, but the implications for apps is most impressive. The service lets customers track their users’ demographics or watch whether users complete certain actions within the app.

With Motally, you get the following additional analytics regarding your application:

  • Flexible API for endless tracking possibilities.
  • Track specific event types for more granular reporting.
  • Capture demographic data.
  • Control what, when, and how to send tracking events.
  • Supports iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

With analytics about your users, you can better design user interfaces, streamline the application for what your users require, as well as find new uses for your application derived from user interactions you may not have anticipated.

Motally offers both a community and an enterprise version of their service. See their site for more details.

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