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Ted Rogers Passes Away


Rogers CEO Ted RogersWe’ve just received word that Ted Rogers, founder of Canada’s largest telecom, has passed away. We’ll save any speculation about his replacement or his legacy for another time. For now, here’s the full press release:

“It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors of Rogers Communications Inc. announces the death of our colleague, leader and friend, Edward Samuel “Ted” Rogers, the founder of the company, a visionary communications industry pioneer and an icon in Canadian business. He was 75.

Mr. Rogers, known for his indefatigable drive, built Rogers Communications into a Canadian and North American leader in wireless telecommunications, cable television, broadcasting, publishing and more. Mr. Rogers’ name is synonymous with innovative, high-quality communications products across Canada, products that improved and simplified the everyday lives of Canadians.

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Rogers CEO Ted Rogers stable in hospital (BlackBerry Bytes)


Ted RogersEarlier this week we had told you that Rogers CEO Ted Rogers had been hospitalized due to troubles arising from an existing heart condition. Today we’re happy to say that Mr. Rogers has stabilized after receiving hospital treatment.

“I am grateful for the quality of care I am receiving at the Toronto General Hospital, a world-class facility,” Ted Rogers said in a brief statement on Thursday.

There is no word yet on when Mr. Rogers will return to his position as CEO. For now, Roger’s Chairman Alan Horn is in charge.

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Rogers CEO Ted Rogers admitted to hospital (BlackBerry Bytes)


ted rogersFounder and controlling shareholder of Rogers Communications, Ted Rogers, has been hospitalized for a heart ailment. Rogers, who turned 75 in May, has had heart trouble since the 1980s and will remain in hospital to monitor his health. Stepping in as acting CEO will be Alan Horn, former Rogers CFO and current board chairman.

Despite all the fun we have with Rogers and the Fake Rogers moniker, we wish Mr. Rogers a speedy and quick recovery.

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Compelling Conversations: North American Carrier Competition, 4G and GSM vs. CDMA


Plato and Aristotle discus their favorite wireless technology

BlackBerry Cool writers have the privilege of being in constant contact with a variety of wireless industry players. Naturally, we often get in heated or hilarious discussions over recent news. We’ve decided to start posting some of the more interesting conversations, in the hopes that it will spur greater debate. Our test run is a hearty debate over the value of a CDMA carrier switching to GSM, how long until 4G becomes anything more than a ‘wet dream’ and myths about call quality. Enjoy, and please post a comment with your thoughts.

Note: My interlocutor was uncomfortable with being identified, so let’s just call him Fake Ted Rogers.

Fake Ted Rogers: Isn’t saying Bell/Telus is going to GSM kinda like saying Verizon should?
Douglas Soltys: Well, different countries mean different biz scenarios.
Fake Ted Rogers: I’d like to see what the subs are for Tel/Bel compared to Rogers. As in the states Verizon has more than AT&T.
Douglas Soltys: Some would say that Verizon is run much better than Tel/Bel.

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Mobile Enterprise Data to make $100 billion by 2012


moneyNumbers like this should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that Rogers charges something like $40 for an 25MB unlimited BlackBerry data plan, but I digress. Those mad mobile scientists at ABI research are reporting that enterprise-based mobile data applications and services will generate over $100 billion in worldwide revenue by 2012. What does that mean exactly? Well, email, sales force automation tools, mapping applications and Internet access are good places to start.

Principal analyst Dan Shey comments, “The industry is at the cusp of some phenomenal growth for data applications and services delivered to the handset. Although voice will still generate the bulk of revenues from business customers, mobile data services revenues will become 26% of ARPUs by 2012, a 29% compound annual growth rate.”

All told, ABI predicts that combined revenues from all mobile business categories (including voice services) will grow from $242 billion in 2007 to $389 billion by 2012. Sounds like it’s a really good time to be Ted Rogers.

Rogers takes $452M hit, but profits/revenue up


Rogers Telecom logoIt seems like Canada’s largest carrier continues to roll, with a strong Q2 increase in revenue and profit. The Toronto-based telecom increased revenue by 16% to 2.5 billion CDN, and consolidated operating profit also improved by 20% to 898 million CDN. Interestingly, the company posted a net lost for the quarter, due to the introduction of a cash-settlement feature for stock options, which resulted in a one-time C$452 million non-cash charge to earnings (talk about taking one in the bread basket).

Of course, Rogers is still nowhere near the size of its American compatriots, but Ted Rogers has to be happy with what he’s seeing. Maybe he can use his company’s growth as leverage to get the iPhone above the 49th parallel sooner rather than later.

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