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ITU Telecom World 2011 Mobile App Launched


Active Network has announced the launching of the ITU Telecom World 2011 Conference mobile app.

The International Telecommunications Union is the United Nations’ specialized agency for telecommunications. The Telecom World conference draws industry leaders as well as regulators from around to world to its yearly event.

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The challenges and opportunities RIM faces in Southeast Asia



Inside the Roxy Mas IT Mall. Roxy Mas is the largest cell phone shopping mall in Indonesia. Hundreds of shops sell second-hand phones. [Courtesy]

Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands in Southeast Asia and has an estimated population of around 237 million people, making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

Back in 2004, RIM began selling BlackBerry devices through the country’s main provider Indosat and growth has been tremendous. In 2008, BlackBerry sales rose 550% year-on-year. There are now more than 350,000 users across the region, a number that could reach 1 million by the end of this year, according to Marc Einstein, an industry manager at research and consulting firm Frost and Sullivan.

While 1 million may seem insignificant compared to the estimated 28 million BlackBerry users worldwide, the growth rate and potential are enough to make Indonesia a very lucrative market.

While we’re on the subject of smartphone growth, the iPhone has been fairing very poorly in Indonesia. In developing countries and countries with a smaller GDP, price point is key. The iPhone doesn’t have the price flexibility that the BlackBerry does and therefore has seen only around 15,000 users in Indonesia, a relatively insignificant number.
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Nortel reports $3.4 billion loss, cuts 1,300 jobs


Woo boy, I guess I was a little more right than I thought about more bad economic news; this time it hits a little closer to home.

­Canadian telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nortel Networks has posted a loss of US$3.4 billion in Q3 2008, it’s largest loss in the past seven years. Revenue was down 14% year over year to US$2.32 billion and 1% year-to-date.

Commenting on the market dynamics, Nortel President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Zafirovski said: “In September, we signaled our view that a slowdown in the market was taking place. In the weeks since, we have seen worsening economic conditions, together with extreme volatility in the financial, foreign exchange and credit markets globally, further impacting the industry, Nortel and its customers. We are therefore taking further decisive actions in an environment of decreased visibility and customer spending levels.”

Nortel also announced plans to cut a further 1,300 jobs, on top of a previous round of cuts of 1,200 staff. About a quarter of the job cuts will occur this year, with the rest in 2009. None of the remaining staff will receive pay rises in 2009, unless already agreed. The cost savings are expected to reduce annual gross costs by approximately US$400 million in 2009.

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BlackBerry 8830 coming to New Zealand


KiwiKiwis rejoice, the BlackBerry 8830 is coming your way from Telecom New Zealand. Previously, Vodafone usually brought the BlackBerrys in, who’s currently carrying the Pearl and GPS Curve, but now New Zealanders will be able to enjoy a bit of variety in their BlackBerry options. On top of the device, Telecom will also be offering BES service to any corporate customers looking to get a BlackBerry rollout.

Rogers takes $452M hit, but profits/revenue up


Rogers Telecom logoIt seems like Canada’s largest carrier continues to roll, with a strong Q2 increase in revenue and profit. The Toronto-based telecom increased revenue by 16% to 2.5 billion CDN, and consolidated operating profit also improved by 20% to 898 million CDN. Interestingly, the company posted a net lost for the quarter, due to the introduction of a cash-settlement feature for stock options, which resulted in a one-time C$452 million non-cash charge to earnings (talk about taking one in the bread basket).

Of course, Rogers is still nowhere near the size of its American compatriots, but Ted Rogers has to be happy with what he’s seeing. Maybe he can use his company’s growth as leverage to get the iPhone above the 49th parallel sooner rather than later.

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