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TeleNav GPS Plus for Verizon Customers Now Half Price


Premium GPS app TeleNav GPS Plus is now available on select Verizon BlackBerrys for only $10 per year (that’s 50% off!) for a limited time.
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TeleNav GPS Plus On Sale for Verizon BlackBerry: $9.99/year


If you’re tired of getting lost or Google Maps not telling you to turn and you’re on Verizon, TeleNav has a sweet deal. Drop $9.99 for the year and you get TeleNav GPS Plus for a year. It’s the full app that provides the following:
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Free ETA Notification App from TeleNav Available in App World


TeleNav have launched a free app called OnMyWay that notifies one of more people of your estimated time of arrival. All you do is set the alert before you depart, and recipients are automatically notified by email or SMS as you near your destination or if you will be late. You can also attach a personal message to each notification.

OnMyWay is a free app available on App World.

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Apps preloaded on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 and alternatives UPDATED



Today is the first day of owning a BlackBerry Storm 2 and as with every BlackBerry, you can get apps preloaded, from App World, and from third party stores such as ours.

In general, carriers do a fairly bad job at preloading your device with applications that are useful. Alternatively, there are a ton of great apps in App World and elsewhere that anyone can download. So let’s take a look at the state of the apps for the Storm2 at launch.
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Top 5 summer travel apps in BlackBerry App World


blackberry beach
Photo courtesy of Chris.Gordon

As we enter into summer and all start gearing up for vacations, I wanted to point out some helpful BlackBerry apps for the summer traveler. These applications are all available in BlackBerry App World.


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is drive with all the windows down and enjoy the breeze. Trapster notifies you when you’re approaching speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras, so you can drive worry-free.

Download Trapster FREE for your BlackBerry.


Transclick provides a translation service to help you with any language barriers you may come across. There are also several dictionaries to choose from on App World, once you get a hang of the local language.

Purchase Transclick for $5.00.


TeleNav is a convenient GPS app that gives you driving directions as well as restaurant, hotel, ATM and WiFi hospot locations.

Try TeleNav free for a 30-day trial.

WorldMate Live

WorldMate can help you stay organized and connected so that you’ll save your business money as well as keep you focused on the important things while leaving the legwork to WorldMate.

Purchase a yearly subscription to WoldMate Live for $99.95.

Travel Genius

Travel Genius pro-sumer app that functions as an LBS search tool. Travel Genius helps you quickly find and get to the places or services you need when you are out and about.

Purchase Travel Genius on App World for $2.99.

Comment and let us know if you’ve tried any apps that would be good for a summer traveler.


CES 2009: TeleNav GPS Navigator for the BlackBerry Storm hands-on!


A lot of BlackBerry Storm users are still waiting for Storm versions of their favorite BlackBerry software, and TeleNav GPS Navigator is no exception. Nan Palmero spent some time with the fine folks at TeleNav during CES 2009 checking out their new version for the BlackBerry Storm. In addition to the video above, TeleNav’s Mary Beth Lowell goes deeper into GPS Navigator’s functionality after the jump. Check out both videos and tell us what you think!

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