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TeleNav GPS Navigator launches for BlackBerry Storm


New BlackBerry Storm users looking for software can take heart, as TeleNav has put a late Christmas present in your stocking with TeleNav GPS Navigator for Verizon Wireless subscribers. Here’s a quick look at what users can expect from TeleNav GPS Navigator:

    * Full-color 3D moving maps
    * Voice and on-screen directions
    * Speech recognition (optional for address entry)
    * Traffic alerts with one-click rerouting and an on-screen ETA
    * 10 million business listings
    * Gas price listings
    * Wi-Fi hotspot finder
    * Pedestrian mode so you can use it while walking around town
    * My TeleNav online preplanning

TeleNav is obviously up against the entrenched competition of Verizon Navigator on the BlackBerry Storm, so they’ve decided to sweeten the pot with a free 30-day trial. TeleNav GPS Navigator is regularly $9.99/month for unlimited use. You can find more information about the free trial at the link below.

TeleNav GPS Navigator


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: TeleNav Track


TeleNavTeleNav, most prominently known for their navigation services, have branched into commercial GPS tracking to help enterprises keep tabs on assets, remote workers and vehicles. Their experience with the consumer market has certainly helped them with their latest TeleNav Track product, but have met plenty of new challenges here. We take some time with Sal Dhanani from TeleNav to talk shop about GPS and enterprise.

Read a snippet of our talk with TeleNav after the jump!

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES People\'s Choic Winners

We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re now ready to announce the winners of BlackBerry Cool’s First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice Contest. Reader participation is a huge deal here at BBCool HQ, so we were touched to see so many people voting for their favorite BlackBerry products and services. One of the most startling aspects of the contest was seeing just how close the voting was in many of the categories — you guys really like a lot of different things! To that end, we’re going to post the top three favorites in every category.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Click here to see the rest of the winners!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: TeleNav


TeleNav logoTeleNav is a leader in mobile GPS needs. They were the company behind AT&T’s GPS offering, and were chosen as one of Pinstack’s Five Star picks. TeleNav GPS Navigator offers everything you’d expect from a GPS suite: directions, both written and spoken, points of interest, traffic warnings, and more. You can preview routes before you set out, and if you miss a turn the software will automatically create a new one to get you back on track. It also offers 2D and 3D maps and a bunch of customization options. Considering the growing popularity of GPS in BlackBerrys, they should have some very nice demos on display at WES.

AT&T launches AT&T Navigator


AT&T has teamed up with TeleNav to launch a branded GPS service on a wide range of smartphones. It comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a GPS suite: written and spoken direction, access to points of interest, even gas prices and traffic information. Uniquely to BlackBerrys, speech recognition is also available, allowing you speak the name of a business or address for turn-by-turn directions. The whole thing comes with a $9.99/month price tag, and is available on the 8310, 8800 and 8820. They’ll be demoing the whole deal in booth #3428 at CTIA, so give us some impressions if you get a chance to check it out.


T-Mobile launches TeleNav GPS Navigator in the UK


TeleNav GPS Navigator LogoT-Mobile has announced that they have launched TeleNav GPS Navigator in the UK, the first operator in that area to do so. Chosen as one of the Five Star picks by the BlackBerry forum Pinstack last year, TeleNav has a ton of features for the mobile user on the go. Users can key in their destination or preplan it on the TeleNav website, and the software will give turn-by-turn directions either via voice or on-screen. It also features full 3D maps, a business locator, waypoints, and even a pedestrian mode for planning out long walks.