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Australia gets EDGE and Telstra Blue Tick for the BlackBerry Bold


Vodafone EDGE

There’s some good news for the folks in Australia. Firstly, it seems that Vodafone Australia have finally upgraded their GPRS network to EDGE. Although EDGE isn’t necessarily blazing fast, it’s a huge improvement and Vodafone customers.

Another piece of good news for Australian BlackBerry users is that Telstra have announced that the BlackBerry Bold has been accredited with Telstra’s Blue Tick, which recommends devices for handheld use in metro, rural and regional areas. Users can upgrade their existing Bold devices, while new users will get Tick-ready devices out of the box.

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Australian BlackBerry Bold enterprise rollout delayed by software issues



Telstra’s been trickling out their BlackBerry Bold to enterprise customers for a few weeks now, but it looks like they’re holding off on giving out any more until the next software upgrade which should fix some streaming video issues.

“RIM is developing a software upgrade to optimize media streaming on the device,” Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said. “This free firmware upgrade is around the corner and a handful of customers have chosen to wait for this before rolling out the new BlackBerry Bold to their teams. … “The BlackBerry Bold has not experienced any issues with bugs at all. All four local carriers will be launching the product, Telstra and Optus both currently have the product available in the marketplace,” a RIM Australia spokesperson said. “It’s very common for different carriers and networks to have specific requirements for software. Handset manufacturers then tailor software specifically for a network or a carrier.”

AT&T customers are still glaring at us Canadians and our shiny new toys, as they’re dealing with the exact same kind of of software delays. Optus has had the Bold publicly available for some time now, without any issues to report whatsoever. Obviously different carriers will have different requirements, which accounts for the different launch dates internationally. We can only hope that American customers won’t also have to wait until September for the first big patch before the Bold is released.

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Telstra BlackBerry Bold launches for business customers



The previously-mentioned $0-down BlackBerry Bold for Australian business customers has now gone live, along with word of a $999 suggested retail price for customers once it goes public. Two-year plans will be in the neighbourhood of $89.95 monthly for e-mail, plus the standard $80 for voice and data. To sweeten the deal, Telstra’s throwing in 200MB free for the first two months. Not too shabby, eh? Vodafone, Optus and 3 Mobile were also slated to be offering the BlackBerry 9000, so keep your eyes open for more info on their offerings.

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Austrlian business customers getting the BlackBerry Bold free


BlackBerry Bold

Both Telstra and Vodafone will be offering the BlackBerry Bold to Australian enterprise customers for $0 up front. That in and of itself is a bold statement, and definitely a bargain for enterprises still packing older models. It’ll be hard for CIOs to turn down a deal like that, regardless of any growing enterprise interest in the iPhone. Maybe companies here in North America and elsewhere can look forward to equally aggressive moves from carriers, especially if they think they can coast on plans alone.

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BlackBerry Bold due in Australia July 29


BlackBerry 9000

Nipping at the heels of the Canadian release on the 25th., Australian carriers Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 Mobile will be offering the BlackBerry 9000 as of July 29th. RIM execs have gone so far to say that Australian BlackBerry growth will nearly double, which will undoubtedly be helped out by a speedy BlackBerry Bold release.

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Virtual BlackBerry software landing within the next month


TelstraWe’ve heard some rumblings of Virtual BlackBerry software coming for Windows Mobile 6 devices on Telstra within the next month. Keep in mind, this isn’t BlackBerry Connect, which just gets you push e-mail on something other than a BlackBerry. Virtual BlackBerry includes that, but lets you load up BlackBerry applications (calendar, address book, tasks, memos, browser, instant messaging, etc.) on Windows Mobile. Progress the Virtual BlackBerry service has been pretty quiet since the announcement last April – here’s hoping Australians won’t be the only ones getting it soon.

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