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Exceed 160 Character SMS Limit with Beyond160 – Updated With OS 5 Support


beyond160 SMS app

Up until fairly recently users have been asking us where to get an app that allows someone running OS 5 to send more than the CDMA defined 160 characters in an SMS. Beyond160 has been a great app for allowing users to do this but it was not available for OS 5 devices – until now. Beyond160 lets users on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular, Bell, Telus etc. exceed their 160 or 140 character SMS limit. When your SMS field is full, simply hit Menu>Go Beyond160 and you can continue typing as long as you like. This app also lets you send to multiple recipients or groups you’ve created.

Check out Beyond160 in the store as it comes with a fully functional 14-day trial.

[Thanks for the tip Tom!]

Poynt Updated with TELUS Live Search Agent Feature


Multiplied Media has partnered with TELUS to add a new Live Search Agent feature to the Poynt application. TELUS will provide live agents to assist Poynt users if a business listing they were searching comes back without any results. The TELUS feature gives the user the option to talk to an agent to find the listing and push the found results back into Poynt.
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Fight Breast Cancer with a Pink Pearl 3G or Curve 8530 from TELUS


TELUS and the QEII Foundation have announced a “pink” campaign to help bring new innovative breast cancer equipment to Nova Scotia. Between May 6th and October 31st, TELUS is donating $25 to the QEII Foundation for every pink BlackBerry Curve 8530 or upcoming pink BlackBerry Pearl 3G sold.

The TELUS “Go Pink” campaign is spread across Canada and helps by funding breast cancer technologies in facilities such as: BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre Foundation, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, CancerCare Manitoba, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in Toronto, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Segal Cancer Center at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital and QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is avialable for $49.99 on a three-year plan, and the BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be available for $29.99 on a three-year plan.

Rumor: Black and Pink BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Coming to TELUS


Friday has been pretty packed with rumors flying around so this week’s roundup should be fun. The latest rumor about the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is that it’s coming to TELUS in both black and pink. Nothing too shocking about the rumor and it’s probably going to turn out true, but it’s a good thing for TELUS customers to know. I know a lot of guys who are pearl users but you can’t deny that a Pearl 9100 in pink is going to be awesome for the teenage girl market.

Zoompass Announcements Bring Us Closer to Mobile Payments


Zoompass have made several announcements today that position them as leaders in wireless payments. With the Zoompass Tag, and the Zoompass app for BlackBerry, the company is helping to push the industry away from paper and onto our smartphones.

The Zoompass Tag is a sticker that you put on the back of the device, allowing you to make payments by swiping your smartphone rather than a physical card. The 43mm by 33mm sticker is currently accepted where MasterCard’s PayPass is offered, such as Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Petro Canada and Loblaws.

Another initiative related to this venture is the news that TELUS are pushing the Zoompass BlackBerry app. All of the major Canadian carriers are on board, and we’re going to be seeing this app on more devices. The app can be used to send, receive, and request money, instantly and securely, on your mobile phone. While it’s free to register, there are still fees associated with the service.

[Pic from MobileSyrup]

Canadian Carriers Finish Testing Mobile Video Calling


The Big Three in Canada have announced that they’ve completed trials of two-way wireless video calling between carriers. Currently, you have to be on the same network to get video calling in Canada, but this announcement would really open up the market. Now if only we could get a BlackBerry with a front facing camera, I think this sort of service would be really fun.