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Wmode Spins Off AppCarousel Business to Help Carriers and Developers With App Marketing


There’s an increasing need for innovative marketing solutions for mobile apps as the number of these apps increases and discoverability decreases. The answer to marketing apps effectively is far beyond traditional marketing such as advertising and traditional media outreach. Marketing apps has to come from good technology and implementation. AppCarousel is an interesting marketing approach because it takes the success of carousel features and gives that experience to carriers, brands and developers that want a better way to showcase their apps.
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Makers of Time Tracking Software Momentem - Widality, Acquired by Wmode


Here at BlackBerryCool we’ve been working with Widality for some time. The company, formerly Redwood Technologies, makes a cool app called Momentem. Momentem is a time tracking app that lets users keep tracking off the time they have spent on a client for billing purposes. Widality’s President Terry Hughes, has had a few articles on the site and has always been a helpful source of information in the BlackBerry space.

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As part of the Widality acquisition, Wmode will accelerate investment in Momentem, and expand the application to embrace the Super App possibilities, as well as multi-language packages, and multiple platforms including support for the new BlackBerry 6.0 operating system.

Terry Hughes, President of Widality, is joining Wmode as Head of Market Development.

Widality’s 10 Point Plan for Success Selling a BlackBerry App


Here is a 10 Point Plan for Success for anyone wanting to enter the crazy chaotic app market, especially those wanting to build a B2B service, which is exponentially harder than building the next trendy gimmick app.

You can download the full white paper released by my company Widality in PDF form.
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Widality President and Momentem developer talks lessons learned


091024 no1 business app screenshot

As the developer of one of the most popular business category apps on BlackBerry App World – “Call Time Tracker by momentem” – Terry has learned a lot about how to build a compelling app. In this article, he talks about how he spends his day, and there are some valuable lessons in this article for all app developers.

Terry writes:

After users download our app, they have to enter their email address to sign up for our free service. These days, most people are wary of doing that, so to overcome that our description on App World has to be sufficiently friendly and credible; the end result is that 70% of all downloads sign up for the service with a valid email address, which we believe is industry-leading.
Read more from the President of Widality and his experiences making a great app

Time tracking software momentem updates and interview


It’s been a few months since Doug and Nan here at BlackBerry Cool came across a really useful app and service, called momentem. The guys loved the app and wrote a reallu positive review at the time. I recently sat down for an interview with Terry Hughes, the President of the company that offers the momentem service, to find out what progress has been made since then.

BBCool Kyle: Terry, remind the readers what momentem is all about.

Terry Hughes: It’s a clever combination of handset software coupled with a SaaS (software as a service). It allows BlackBerry users to tag and allocate their calls and other mobile activity to clients, projects, billable, etc. Our subscribers use momentem on a daily basis to either recover more of their mobile costs, account for their time, or make sense of their mobile phone bill. It’s instantly downloadable, the user is up and running within 9 minutes, there’s no set-up or integration required, and there’s an immediate payback.
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