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RIM and Amazon.com Launch Amazon MP3 App in Test Center


amazon mp3 app

RIM and Amazon.com launched the Amazon MP3 app for BlackBerry with a catalog of over 14 million songs. The content is only available to users in the US, which is pretty dissapointing for Canadian users but nothing new. It could be that RIM legal and Amazon haven’t tailored the content for Canadians and Europeans yet, much like iTunes does, and the app will come soon.

The app allows users to browse, preview, download, store, and tell friends about their favorite music. Other features include:
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RIM Rolling Out BlackBerry News Feeds App in Beta Form


social feeds app for BlackBerry 6
Social Feeds

A new app will be hitting the App World Test Center and Beta Zone over the next couple days called BlackBerry News Feeds. The app is an integrated RSS reader that lets you read your daily news and share it with your contacts. Not much is known about this app but hopefully it will have some integration with Google Reader, otherwise many users won’t switch over from their current solutions.

Something that is really puzzling about this new app is the redunduncy it causes with BlackBerry 6 users that already have Social Feeds on their device. Perhaps this app is more focused on the OS 5 and below crowd. It’s also possible that the app uses some of the awesomeness from Viigo’s app, which has been dead ever since they were acquired by RIM.Hit the jump for details from RIM.
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BlackBerry Traffic Beta App Now Available in App World Test Center


blackberry traffic app

Recently, the first-party BlackBerry Traffic beta app became available in the BlackBerry App World Test Center. The app lets you plan where you want to be and helps you get there on time. The BlackBerry Traffic app can tell you if a road is closed and offer a faster, alternative route. Being a first-party app, RIM has implemented some decent integration, allowing you to grab addresses directly from your Address Book and email or text the contact a preset message.

Get it in app world
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eBay App for BlackBerry Out of Beta and Available in App World


The eBay app for BlackBerry could previously be found in the BlackBerry App World Test Center. While there, it amassed a million downloads and is now officially out of Beta and available in App World under the categories Shopping > Online Shopping. Along with becoming an official release, the app now features:

  • View all scheduled items for sale, active items, and all sold and unsold items
  • Ability to relist items for sale when current auction ends with no sale
  • As a buyer, ask the seller a question from within the listing
  • As a seller, reply to the buyer’s question

The eBay app is free and available in North America, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Interview with BlackBerry Beta Zone and App World Test Center Team


RIM is making a big push to get user feedback these days and while it’s necessary for all companies to collect feedback from their customers, it’s no use without implementation. OS 6 looks as though it was designed to deal with user frustrations that the BlackBerry menu and navigation needed to be more visual and user friendly. There are still plenty of ways BlackBerry could improve and hopefully the feedback app will zero-in on the highest priorities.

The official BlackBerry Blog sat down with the RIM beta team and asked plain and simple: “what have we learned so far about how BlackBerry smartphone users use our applications?” The answer highlights one of the problems with having a corporate blog, as the answers are very contrived. “Applications that make life easier, as well as social media applications to help people stay in touch with friends and family have been real drivers.” Ideally, RIM would talk specifics as to what they’ve learned about Twitter and Facebook, as they’ve probably collected some very interesting data about these applications. This is probably very difficult given RIM’s giant legal department overseeing the blog, but at least they’re pioneering a social media team, which is crucial if they’re building social media applications.

Check out the interview with the BlackBerry beta team on IBB (part 1).

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Buy Expensive Accessories with the ShopBlackBerry App



ShopBlackBerry now have an app in App World. The app is a store portal for ShopBlackBerry.com where you can buy really expensive accessories. The app has a long way to go in both UI and general use and I’m not sure how many people are going to want tot buy their accessories on the go. Personally, I like seeing large pictures of an accessory, and browsing for a variety of reviews before I spend over $100 on an accessory. Check it out for yourself in the Test Center of App World.

Also in the Test Center is “Xmas 2009 with magic” which I assume is a theme but priced at $5.25. Doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous to charge $5.25 for something that is in a section for apps that are buggy and looking for feedback?


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