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BlackBerry Messenger 7 Public Beta Goes Live with Free Voice Calling


RIM has announced that BlackBerry Messenger 7 has begun an open beta in Beta Zone. BBM is receiving an outstanding new feature in BBM7: free voice calls.
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PuZZed Puzzle Alarm Makes You Solve a Puzzle to Turn Off Your Alarm


PuZZed is a puzzle alarm clock app designed for those who sleep in. Instead of freely being able to press snooze, tired users must instead use their heads to shut off the alarm. The combination of brain quiz-style activities wakes up your mind in a way that the Evolving Seaside alarm just can’t compete with.

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Mensa’s Free Brain Test App for BlackBerry Launches


Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Appshen and Barnstorm Games have released the official Mensa Brain Test app for BlackBerry.
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BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad Internet Speed Tests and Comparisons


RIM’s corporate culture seems to be changing significantly as they move towards a more consumer focused company. Recently, RIM released a BlackBerry PlayBook versus Apple iPad speed test video which is risky considering both companies have such large legal teams. Speed tests are also difficult because there are so many variables that can affect the test. Overall, it looks like RIM did an excellent job putting the test under clean conditions and it’s obvious the PlayBook kicks the iPad’s butt into oblivion when it comes to rendering websites fast and fully.

These videos are awesome and I’d love to see the PlayBook against the Galaxy Tab next.

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Comparing Smartphone Keyboards Highlights Bold Advantages and Storm2 Disadvantages


Paul Ockenden of PC Pro put together a test comparing smartphone keyboards. The test was pretty basic, and while we can argue about the accuracy of the results, I think BlackBerry users can agree on the conclusions. The test involved typing the first couple of verses to Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes”, a telephone number, a web URL and a username/password. In each case, the operation was timed and accuracy noted. The results of the tests are shown in the above table.

Each phone was in its default mode, as it would be out of the box. One error is logged for each wrong word in the main text and for each wrong character in the phone number, web address, username and password. In each test, Paul tried to not look at the screen, and type as fast as he could, allowing the phone to correct any errors. Overall, the goal isn’t to type the fastest, but to get an idea for the speed to error ratio.
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Conclusions from testing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery



Testing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery has been an interesting experience. I always thought consumer electronics manufacturers embellished their battery life expectancies in order to impress the buyer. In this case, RIM has actually slightly under-stated the Bold 9700’s battery life, and really proved themselves to be an honest company when it comes to their battery life marketing. Could we say the same for Apple? I challenge TIPB to do the same with the iPhone, and see if it can play 39 hours of music off radio and last 29 hours with heavy usage. Speaking of Apple…the BlackBerry Bold 9700 lasts longer than the best iPod.
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