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RIM Announces Carrier Testing of BlackBerry 10


RIM’s next-generation mobile phone platform BlackBerry 10 is currently going through carrier testing with over 50 carriers worldwide. Continue reading ‘RIM Announces Carrier Testing of BlackBerry 10′

Make money testing BlackBerry apps on 02 UK


It’s not just developers who can earn cash from mobile apps, the pleebs can too! O2 in the UK has unveiled an app store that lets mobile phone users earn money by testing apps for their handsets and providing feedback to the developers. So all that time you spend in the blogosphere, testing Betas and giving back to the community can finally pay off. The site is live for customers and O2 has been asking for developers to contribute since back in December. Check out Mob4Hire for an idea of how the payment system will work.



Voice testing hardware goes portable


Metrico Metrico has recently unveiled a new version of their testing system called Muse, which allows manufacturers to test handset voice quality in the field. These guys expanded their testing facilities not too long ago, and have partnered with RIM for previous testing. This new package should provide a solid option for future field testing no matter what new BlackBerrys they’re working with.

The Muse testing system supports the full spectrum of wireless technologies, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX and UMA, and can be used to analyze any type of telephony device. The robust, portable Muse system is affordable enough to allow wireless players to equip all of their wireless and/or audio engineers in the field with the tool.