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Partnering with Developers to Sell More Applications


I recently received emails from both Tether and Smrtguard promoting each others’ application. Tether is a simple tethering solution for BlackBerry, and Smrtguard helps to protect your device from theft or loss. The two apps don’t have any overlap in terms of features or offerings, which makes it a great partnership to promote one another. As both apps have an incredible amount of downloads, the email list they’ve accumulated must be very significant and I’m sure this campaign resulted in a significant amount of downloads and sales for each other. If you have an application, this sort of marketing campaign could be really beneficial, and more developers should look to make these types of partnerships.
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Tether Celebrating Anniversary With Smartphone and App Giveaway


Tether are celebrating their 1 year anniversary providing BlackBerry users with a simple means of tethering their BlackBerry to their laptop. Incredibly, the company are announcing they have been installed on 110,000 BlackBerrys. While tethering can be done with a few good Google searches, many users love the ease and convenience that Tether provides.
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Deal of the Day: Tether On Sale for 50% Off


Tether is today’s Deal of the Day in the BlackBerryCool Store. Personally, I think the tethering process is still complicated for the average BlackBerry user and this software really helps, but if you’re somewhat computer savvy you can do it yourself without paying. If you’re looking for a simple tether solution, it’s now $24.98, 50% off.

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TetherBerry rebranded Tether and Now 50% Off


Tether speed test.

TetherBerry, which has been installed on over 60,000 BlackBerries in the past 9 months, will be re-branding to Tether. The app will soon be available in App World, and will come with the ability to tether over Bluetooth. It’s awesome of RIM to allow these types of applications in their store while AT&T and Apple are adamant about blocking them.

In celebration of the rebranding, Tether is 50% off until January 10th.

On a side note, if you’re an Android user, or know one, they’re accepting beta testers.

A simple Bluetooth-based BlackBerry tethering solution for Mac users



EasyTether is the simplest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Mac via Bluetooth. All you have to do is follow some basic setup procedures and run the application. Once your device and computer are connected, you can use your BlackBerry data plan to get Internet access.

Setting Up:

On BlackBerry:

  • Enable Bluetooth and ensure you are in the data coverage area
  • Set the device in discoverable mode
  • Start EasyTether and turn on the Bluetooth PAN connection

On Mac:

  • Start Bluetooth Setup Assistant (Bluetooth -> Set up Bluetooth Device)
  • Select “Mobile phone” or “Any device” as a device type
  • Wait until Mac OS X finds your BlackBerry
  • Select the “Use device as a network port” service

You will only have to do this setup the first time. The company also has a caveat that due to limitations in Bluetooth stack on BlackBerry, the first attempt to connect will often fail. Just ignore the error message and re-connect.

EasyTether is available for the special price of $4.95 until August 16th.

TetherBerry releases final Mac beta – full release fast approaches



TetherBerry recently sent out an email to their private Mac beta testers with the final version of their Mac beta. According to the developers, “this will be our last beta release before our Mac official release, unless any major bugs are found.”

The most recent update works on Tiger, Leopard, G4s and a number of bugs have been resolved. If you haven’t tried the beta, it still takes some finagling but it does work.

For now, you can purchase the PC version of TetherBerry for $10 off until August 12th.