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BlackBerry to Mac tether solution TetherBerry now more stable


TetherBerry is an app that everybody wants, but is still in its beta phase. The company has surely been getting a ton of user feedback and support questions, due to the complex nature of tethering.

They have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to make their Mac beta more stable and thanks to your feedback, they have released a new updated version. Unfortunately, this version is still only compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, but the next step is making it available for Tiger.

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Simple tethering solution now available for Mac – giveaways!


The guys at TetherBerry have their Mac client ready for Beta testing and they want feedback from you.

TetherBerry is the latest app to help you tether your BlackBerry to your laptop. The app allows you access to the internet on your laptop through your BlackBerry’s data plan anywhere where there is network coverage. Once you have downloaded the app to both your device and your laptop, you can tether them via USB.

Head over to TetherBerry and sign up for their Mac Beta.

If you want to win a free copy of TetherBerry, tell us about the situations in which you use tethering. We’ll pick 5 and give out free copies.


How to tether your BlackBerry for free via Bluetooth (Mac and PC)


blackberry bluetooth

After our post about TetherBerry, a good friend and BlackBerryCool reader Horia sent us a letter saying the process could easily be done for free via Bluetooth. Here is what he had to say:

It depends how much time you have to look into it. For OSX it was a two step process, I didn’t install any 3rd party apps or even the blackberry desktop manager (don’t even know if they make it for mac) but I did have to add a “modem script” to osx so that it can use the blackberry as a Bluetooth data modem, essentially the equivalent of installing a driver in windows. Once that was done, I just had to create a new dial-up connection, select the modem, put the APN, username and password (all of which are dependent and unique to the cell phone provider, Rogers in my case). After it’s all set and done, I literally just hit connect, wait 3 seconds and I’m online via Bluetooth with the phone still in my pocket.
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