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BlackBerry tip calculator, games, and a fart app all on sale for a dollar



Cleric Software make some helpful and fun applications and they’re having a $0.99 sale. All of their applications are on sale from now through Sunday October 18th, 2009.

Here are some deals:

Tip Calculator – Looks Great!

Bonus Yachtzee – Yahtzee with a Twist!

Simon Says ‘Storm’ – Classic Memory Game!

Fart Storm – The Funniest BlackBerry Fart App – Lots of Laughs!

Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator – Looks Great!

Bubble Bust – Virtual Bubble Wrap Popping Game! – Lots of Fun!

Marble Solitaire Puzzle (Hi-Q, Peg Solitaire, IQ Solitaire, Brainvita)

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock – This Game Never Gets Old!

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Play Texas Hold’em King 3 and win an iPod Touch and cash



Bplay is running a contest right now where you can win daily prizes, an iPod Touch and $500 USD cash. The contest ends November 7th.

To play, all you have to do is grab a copy of Texas Hold’em King 3, available on a free trial or purchase for $4.99. In game, join the contest mode and submit a bankroll high score. Entries larger than $2,000 are eligible for a daily prize.

To win more, go to Magmic Social and register for the contest. If you have a bankroll larger than $5,000 and are registered, you automatically become eligible to win the grand prize. If you don’t see where do register, look for the “Contest” tab.

Happy gaming!


Phil Hellmuth Texas Hold ‘Em coming to BlackBerry


Phil HellmuthIf you know poker, you’ve probably heard the name Phil Hellmuth before. Well, a mobile Texas Hold’em game with his name on it will be available from Concrete Software on July 24th. That’ll be some stiff competition with Bplay’s Texas Hold ‘Em King 3 currently rocking the BlackBerry poker scene, but hey, you never know. We got a chance to play around a bit with it, and it’s pretty solid, with three game types to chose from: table play, head-to-head and tournament. No word on pricing or carrier yet, but if you’re a poker shark with an itch to scratch, keep your eyes peeled.

Sneak peek of Phil Hellmuth Texas Hold ‘Em behind the jump…