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Jingu Text Premium Transforms Your Text Into Fun Messages


Jingu Apps, makers of popular communications add-on apps Jingu Avatars and Jingu Smileys has announced the release of Jingu Text. The new app turns any of your text messages written on your BlackBerry (Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Email, SMS, etc…) into fun special-character based messages.

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Cali girl sent over 14,528 text messages in one month


Dr. Phil isn’t a real doctor by the way. He just gets paid millions of dollars to tell people to get their lives together. The above video shows a girl who averages 5,000 texts per month but her record has been totally destroyed. A 13-year old girl in California sent 484 text messages every day in December – an average of one message every 2 minutes during the waking hours. Her total at the end of the month was 14,528 text messages

“First, I laughed. I thought, ‘That’s insane, that’s impossible,'” said Hardesty, her father and a reporter for The Orange County Register. “And I immediately whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible.”

Thankfully, the family had an unlimited texting plan, because we’ve seen reports about how carriers are itching to hit you up for SMS dollars.



ScanR to textify pics snapped from BlackBerry


scanRThis is pretty awesome right here. Take a picture of any text (document, business card, whiteboard, etc.) and so long as it’s in focus, ScanR will convert the image into a PDF, DOC, or vCard, depending on what you’re sending. All you have to do is send the image to one of three e-mail addresses, and you’ll get an automated reply with the processed file. You can always access the original pictures and their results from their website, too. Be warned, only the newer camera-toting BlackBerrys with a 2.0 megapixel camera will do the trick for this service. Definitely didn’t work on my old 8100. Keep an eye out for a launch this week. Thanks Ronen!

SpinVox partners with Rogers for textified voicemail


SpinVoxIf you tuned in to our WES podcasts, you might remember the name SpinVox, purveyors of some fine voice-to-text software. Today, Rogers announced that SpinVox’s services would be available to subscribers, notably transcribing inbound voicemail into SMS messages. Part of the reason for Rogers’ support of SpinVox in particular is the multilingual support. Here in Ottawa, it’s bilingual central and easy to see how including French language support is a good business move.