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Jared Company Giving Away 2 BlackBerry Torch Smartphones


The Jared Company

The Jared Company let us know that they’re running a holiday sweepstakes from December 20th, to January 19th, 2011. The app company will be giving away up to 2 BlackBerry Torch devices; one Torch will be awarded to the winner of the sweepstakes, and if the winner was referred by a friend, then the referring friend will win the second Torch (if applicable).
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LinxIt Links Contacts and Calendar in New Beta App by The Jared Company



The Jared Company has just finished putting the finishing touches on their latest beta app called LinxIt. The app connects Calendar events and Contacts. With this app, you can add an appointment in your BlackBerry Calendar and link the actual contact of that event with a click. Your contacts and calendar are linked both ways, so you can click a contact and view upcoming and past appointments. LinxIt can also give you a daily report right into your inbox on all your upcoming calendar events sorted by contact for the next 7 days.

LinxIt will work on all BlackBerry devices that have OS 5.0 or higher.

If the above link doesn’t work, contact the Jared Company to become a beta tester.

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Review of QwikClique vs Iconify: Two Quick-Icon Applications


Shortcuts are an important part of the BlackBerry experience. Apps such as SuperQWERTY, QuickLaunch and even Vlingo, all help to make everything a little more efficient, by reducing the amount of input required.

Putting a shortcut on your homescreen is a great app idea because it leaves both a shortcut and a visual reminder of the person you often talk to or a website you often visit. A little while ago Iconify by emacberry launched, providing two versions of their quick icon app. With either the 15 or 50 link version, you can create icons on the homescreen to dial, mail or PIN message a contact, or visit a website. Recently, QwikClique by The Jared Company launched, offering 5 shortcut icons to contacts of your choice. As both these apps serve similar functions, lets compare their feature sets:
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Register with The Jared Company for 2 free BlackBerry apps


Dial Voice Mail Main Screen 240x320

If you register with The Jared Company, you get two really decent free BlackBerry apps for your time and effort.

The first app is called One Touch Email, and it is a fast and convenient way to start emailing on your BlackBerry. Once installed, a new icon will be available for one touch access to the Compose Email screen.

The second application you get is called Custom One Touch Voice Mail and it allows you to use a customizable icon that will dial your voice mail.

So head over to The Jared Company and register if you like the sound of those apps.

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