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Missing Sync now supports the BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Bytes)


For Mac using BlackBerry owners, your life can often be a hellish nightmare of no support or faulty software. That’s why it’s great to hear that Mark/Space, makers of Missing Sync for BlackBerry, pretty much your only effective Mac-BlackBerry solution, have included support for the BlackBerry Bold. You can download the new version at the link below.


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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Mark/Space


markspace logoIf you’re a Mac user like myself, you probably know that RIM’s Mac support leaves a little something to be desired. So for a refreshing change of pace, we’re taking a look at the Mac-exclusive company: Mark/Space. They have a series of products for syncing your Mac to a variety of mobile devices, and of course The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. The app works similarly to RIM’s licensed solution, PocketMac, but includes a few really nice features, such as allowing you to sync up selected iPhoto albums to your microSD card. It even resizes them to fit the mobile screen, and it works in reverse, automatically adding new photos taken on your phone to iPhoto. It can also sync up with iTunes, and it works with Apple’s SyncServices for maximum compatibility with all sorts of apps. I’ve no doubt there will be some neat demos from them at WES.