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Constant Connect syncs your BlackBerry and ThinkPad laptop


lenovo constant connect

Simon over at IntoMobile is reporting Lenovo will be launching their product Constant Connect for BlackBerry. Constant Connect is a card for ThinkPad laptops which allows you to connect you BlackBerry via Bluetooth and keep your Outlook synced.

The card has 500MB of storage and will transmit data from up to 30ft. As long as your Bluetooth is connected, Constant Connect will make sure you are synced even while your computer is in sleep mode.

While not available outside of the US, the Constant Connect card is available for $150.

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Lenovo and RIM to deliver Constant Connect, who is it for?


Some interesting news was released by RIM and Lenovo yesterday, as the two companies jointly announced a new mobile solution for ThinkPad laptops. Called Constant Connect, the solution will allow enterprise email received on a user’s BlackBerry smartphone to be automatically synchronized via Bluetooth onto the user’s ThinkPad laptop – even if the ThinkPad laptop is off – without the user having to take any additional steps. However, my boy Ronen over at BerryReview seems to question whether or not Constanct Connect is too specific of an enterprise solution to be of use to many people.

The card is essentially a Bluetooth radio with 500 Mb of storage and works with Outlook/Exchange, POP3, & Gmail. This might be cool if it would automatically let you use your BlackBerry as a tethered modem, but it doesn’t. From the wording of RIM’s press release, it will not even let you send email! The only use I can see for it is for attachments that open better on a laptop, otherwise this is a useless piece of… Who the hell is going to pay $150 to read email they already have on their BlackBerry? This will also tie up their Bluetooth connection and kill their BlackBerry battery and not letting them use a headset while on the go! Many workers who have $150 to spend and are mobile enough to justify a product like this probably already have a wireless data card built into their ThinkPad.

I’m leaning toward agreeing with Ronen here. Either you’re a ‘on-the-go business user’ that is more likely to invest in a wireless data card or a tethering solution, or you need email on your laptop so infrequently that you could simply find a wireless hotspot (at your nearest Starbucks, for example) when necessary. Post a comment and tell us who you think this product is for; the full press release is after the jump.

Lenovo Constant Connect Press Release