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ThinPrint Launches .print Personal Printing Through QR Barcodes



ThinPrint has launched a new service called .print Printing Essentials that allows secure printing with user authentication through a BlackBerry and QR Barcodes. Features of the service include:

  • ThinPrint ensures that only an authorized user can collect the print job
  • Users identify themselves at the printer via scanning the QR barcode on their BlackBerry
  • Print jobs are safely stored on the server until the user decides to pick up the print job at any printer
  • The solution is secure and reduces paper and toner use

More details available from the ThinPrint site.

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Cortado Announce Support for Google Cloud Print Solution


Today, Cortado has announced plans to improve Google’s recently announced Cloud Print Solution. Google’s service, dubbed “Cloud Print”, pushes a print job into the cloud, and allows the job to be pulled in by network-accessible printers for a physical copy. Cortado is enhancing this solution, by allowing the following functionality:

  • Spontaneous direct printing from Google Chrome OS or Android devices
  • Supporting all existing printers and nearly all file types
  • Expanding cloud printing support outside of Google Apps
  • Offer a “Private Cloud” solution for integration into corporate IT

As Cortado are owned by ThinPrint, this printing solution is a logical step for the company and definitely rounds out their printing solutions. For more information, see Cortado’s cloud printing details.

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New version of Content Beamer now available from ThinPrint


Content BeamerWe hadn’t heard a peep from our good friends over at ThinPrint since WES, but it looks like the wait was worth it. Cortado, a division of ThinPrint, announced the release of Content Beamer 3.5, the latest update to their successful document management solution. Content Beamer 3.5 allows BlackBerry users to both access and store documents found on the corporate network, manage network directories, organize PowerPoint presentations, and fax and send documents to a printer.

“Mobile workers using a BlackBerry smartphone with Content Beamer don’t have to carry their laptop with them all the time,” says Nina Kroll, Business Development Manager of ThinPrint’s Mobile Solutions Unit. “Companies can achieve enormous savings through this deployment, as they only require a data tariff and can lower the costs usually incurred by virtual private networks, support, and insurance. Productivity also increases, through a reduction in back office activities.”

A free demo of the latest version of Content Beamer can be downloaded at: