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“How Much Do You Love The BlackBerry Nation? Show Us Your BlackBerry Pride!” (Weekly Contest)


BlackBerry Guy visits the Lincoln Memorial

Right now our friends to the south are celebrating their independence, while the Canadian contingent of the BlackBerry Nation is recovering from the celebration of ours. Still, I’m sure the intense summertime revelry hasn’t stopped us from using our beloved BlackBerrys.

So BlackBerry Cool HQ wants you to display your pride for the BlackBerry Nation. Whether it’s an embarrassing story of getting caught using your BlackBerry somewhere you shouldn’t (the shower comes to mind), climbing the Lincoln Memorial to get better wireless reception, or a link to a photo/video displaying your intense love of BlackBerry, we want it.

The person with the best post will win A SWEET BLACKBERRY COOL TEE-SHIRT and a FREE COPY OF MAGMIC’S TEXAS HOLD’EM KING 3: CONNECTED. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

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Weekly Contest: ‘Why do you want 3G?’


Why do you need 3g?The BlackBerry Bold is coming (someday. Sigh.) All the latest rumors seem to indicate that a 3G iPhone could be announced as early as next Monday. But the question remains: why do you want 3G?

Is it for faster web-browsing? Multiplayer gaming? MP3 and other media downloads? Because EDGE’s 2.5G seems so 2005? Post a comment and let us know how a 3G BlackBerry is going to change your life, and if it gives you pause for concern in any way. For example, while an entirely different technology than what will be in the Bold, my EV-DO BlackBerry 8330 is balls for battery life. Do you believe RIM’s battery life assurances?

Post a comment and let us know. The person with the best answer will receive a FREE COPY OF MAGMIC’S THK3: CONNECTED and a slick BLACKBERRY COOL TEE SHIRT, just because we like you so much.

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Magmic Releases Sneak Peak of THK3!


Texas Hold’em King 3 Splash ScreenHuge news for BlackBerry road-warriors who fought off the doldrums of boring meetings, flight delays and (dare I say it?) bad dates with Magmic’s classic Texas Hold’em King 2, one of the best games available for your BB. We just received word today from our friends at the Big M that THK2’s sequel, Texas Hold’em King 3: Connected, will be released on April 14th.

We’ve been told that THK3 features avatars with adjustable facial expressions, advanced high scores, objective based awards, an integrated buddy list and a lobby for choosing tables. I personally can’t wait to fill up my buddy list with BBCool staffers and take all their (play) money. Stay tuned for a review, but for now, enjoy some screenshots after the jump. Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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