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ThougtPiece: Why BlackBerrys Need Random Access Voicemail


Surely one of the most annoying aspects of everyday cell phone usage is simply retrieving your voicemail. David Pogue of the New York Times captures the experience in his usual good humor:

…the carriers make you listen to a woman who has evidently overdosed on Ambien. “You have. Seven. New. Messages. You have. Two. Saved messages. To listen to your messages, press 1. When you are finished, you may hang up, or press 5 for more options. I will now read the Manhattan White Pages.”

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ThoughtPiece: BlackBerry Users Have More Fun


In honor of those having all the fun at WES this week, and knowing that any serious article would be overwhelmed by all of the coverage from WES, I thought I’d offer up a more lighthearted column. So in that spirit I offer up 3 reasons why BlackBerry users have more fun:

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ThoughtPiece: Verizon/AT&T — The U.S. Market’s Two Heavyweights




The United States market is a critical one for RIM, giving the company about two-thirds of its revenue. Therefore it’s always good for BlackBerry fans to keep an eye on trends in this country.

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ThoughtPiece: The BlackBerry Beat



Whew, what a busy time in the BlackBerry world! It’s enough to make even the most diligent blogger want to hide under their desk, disconnect from the Matrix and receive sporadic news updates through this wonderfully new contraption we’ve heard about called the “newspaper” (it comes on paper!).

To help us sort through the mess, we brought in our mobile main man Thought, who breaks down the biggest news of the past week or so into tasty bite-sized chunks.

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ThoughtPiece: Is May BlackBerry Month?



With all that’s happened to RIM and the foremost BlackBerry sites on the ‘net this week, maybe the claims from our Mad Genius of Mobile are a little premature. Still, Thought makes a convincing argument as to why May just may be BlackBerry month, and tells us what that has to do with Apple. Enjoy.

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ThoughtPiece: Will There Ever Be the Perfect BlackBerry?


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I am sure many of you thoughtful readers out there have in mind a good idea of what your “perfect” BlackBerry would be. Judging from the comments on this and other BlackBerry sites, I would say that for many the ideal BlackBerry would have 3G, WiFi, GPS, camera and multimedia player, just for starters.

But will there ever such a thing as the perfect BlackBerry? I think not, for the following reasons.

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