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RIM Releases Version 2.0 Beta of TicketMaster App


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The TicketMaster app by RIM is okay, not great, but okay. The problem with it is that it’s a TicketMaster app and not a “tickets” app. There are a ton of sources where people get their tickets these days and RIM has an opportunity to leverage a wide range of sources such as MeetUp, Eventbrite, Plancast etc. TicketMaster is great for when your’re buying Britney Spears tickets but there’s so much more out there. The latest TicketMaster 2.0 Beta includes the following features:

  • Add events to calendar
  • Set favorite artists and events
  • Leverages geo functions to connect users to events in their area

Download the app in BlackBerry Beta Zone at blackberry.com/betazone.

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Sign up for TicketMaster for BlackBerry



The TicketMaster app for BlackBerry was first mentioned during CTIA in September. As of now, there is a sign up page where you can get alerted as soon as the app becomes available.

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry® smartphones—your mobile connection to event, concert game and theatre tickets. Designed to make buying tickets more convenient, you can browse event listings, select your seats and even buy your tickets from just about anywhere using familiar BlackBerry menus and prompts. It also works with BlackBerry® Wallet to help you fill in credit card and shipping information. And, as the official smartphone of Ticketmaster, your BlackBerry smartphone can also be your connection to advanced or reserved tickets as well as special events, rewards and fantastic promotions.

This should be a great app for socialites who need to get their tickets pronto. Now go to the sign up page, you’re late for the ball Cinderella!

To sign up and get notifications for when TicketMaster is available, go here.