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Indonesian BlackBerry Ban Is About Business Practices?



Indonesian Communication Minister Tifatul Sembiring has taken the discussion around the Indonesian BlackBerry ban in a strange direction, saying that the ban has nothing to do with porn, but is about RIM’s business practices in Indonesia. According to Sembiring, RIM is “taking too much money from Indonesians without even paying any taxes here.” He also adds, “the company brings no economic benefits to Indonesia, yet they take so much money from here,” he said. “And because the company is based in Canada, it pays taxes there, not here.”

While it’s true that RIM doesn’t have to pay taxes on the sale of BlackBerrys because they’re imported by local vendors, it seems like Sembiring is just trying to distract from the porn issue, which his party probably sees as a political hot potato, especially with respect to how Western governments perceive the country.
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