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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 lands first on TIM


tim blackberry pearl 8220

First the BlackBerry Storm video, now this: those Italians get to have all the fun! That’s right, it appears that Italian carrier TIM is the first to release the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, RIM’s first flip phone. Priced at 269€ (approx. $370 USD), the Pearl Flip should appeal to those fashionable Italians with its clean lines and black coloring. You can see the full specs (in Italian!) after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Joe!

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 specs

OS 4.5 available from Orange UK


OrangeThe latest BlackBerry operating system has been making the rounds by way of private beta builds for awhile now, but it looks like a few carriers are starting to make them publicly available, including Orange UK for the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8320, as well as TIM Italy for the 8100, 8300 and 8310. Odds are these will work hunky-dory for your own device, so feel free to give ‘em a shot and get on fresh goodies like HTML e-mail viewing (if your BIS supports it), remote e-mail lookup, native document viewing, and plenty more.

(Pinstack via BerryReview)


BlackBerry Bold coming to Italy


AT&T BlackBerry 9000Stefano’s all a-twitter after hearing that TIM will be carrying the BlackBerry 9000 on the second week of July, and going for 450/500€. Vodafone was one of the earliest carriers that we had heard was going to carry the newest BlackBerry, so the fact that the Bold is coming to Europe isn’t so much a surprise, but it does give credence to other supposed release dates. It sounds like this is going to be a worldwide release in a very closely packed timeframe. This is great, since generally we’ve seen devices released at one end of the pond and then take their sweet time swimming over to the other (heck, Rogers still hasn’t got the 8120 yet, and it was released last fall).

BlackBerry 8120 lands in Italy


BlackBerry 8120While we’ve been mostly buzzing about the BlackBerry 8130 lately, the 8120 with Wi-Fi is starting to make the rounds in Europe. Telecom Italia Mobile announced yesterday their release of the BlackBerry 8120 in Italy, with all of the Wi-Fi, 2mpx camera, video capture, external microSD slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and quad-band GSM you can handle. TIM will be the exclusive carrier of this beauty in Italy until December, but no word on pricing just yet. Their 8100 is running 299 €, so you can expect to pay something in that range. The last we really heard of the 8120 was of its initial launch in Spain, and taking a look at its European profile, the Pearl hasn’t reached anywhere else just yet. It’s only been two weeks mind you, so let’s hold out for some more releases before Christmas. We got any Italian readers looking to grab one of these?

Garmin to launch Brazilian mapping for BlackBerry


BrazilLast week at Futurecom, TIM Brazil and Garmin announced that they’ll be launching a mapping solution for the BlackBerry 8800 and their newly-released BlackBerry 8310 before the year is out, covering over 70 cities across the country. Garmin is a top-shelf name in GPS, and there’s no doubt that they’ll pump out some solid software for our readers down south.

Brazil gets the BlackBerry 8310


BrazilIt was announced today that Claro, TIM and Vivo will be offering the BlackBerry 8310 to Brazilians immediately, and widespread release through Latin America will be happening come November. The BlackBerry 8310 is packing the Curve’s form-factor and standard features (3.5mm headphone jack, trackball, camera, microSD slot) plus GPS capability. No word on price, but if anyone knows Portugese and can dig up a number from the carriers’ sites, we’d be much obliged.