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BlackBerry tip calculator, games, and a fart app all on sale for a dollar



Cleric Software make some helpful and fun applications and they’re having a $0.99 sale. All of their applications are on sale from now through Sunday October 18th, 2009.

Here are some deals:

Tip Calculator – Looks Great!

Bonus Yachtzee – Yahtzee with a Twist!

Simon Says ‘Storm’ – Classic Memory Game!

Fart Storm – The Funniest BlackBerry Fart App – Lots of Laughs!

Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Mortgage Payment Calculator – Looks Great!

Bubble Bust – Virtual Bubble Wrap Popping Game! – Lots of Fun!

Marble Solitaire Puzzle (Hi-Q, Peg Solitaire, IQ Solitaire, Brainvita)

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock – This Game Never Gets Old!

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Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm – 20 free giveaway copies!


Tip Calculator BlackBerry

This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!

Use this handy utility everyday to calculate tips quickly and easily. You can use Tip Calculator to split a bill amongst multiple parties. Tip Calculator also provides a handy ‘Suggested Gratuity’ page when you are unsure of the proper amount to tip.

Simply enter the amount you want the tip to be based upon (you choose whether or not to have the tip calculation include tax), select the number of people to split the bill, and tip percentage.

This application’s beautiful graphics are worthy of your BlackBerry.


  • Split a tip between 1 and 20 parties.
  • Easily pick a tip amount.
  • Multiple rounding options to make splitting a tip easier.
  • Suggested Gratuity screen will help you determine proper tip amounts for a large number of occupations ranging from tattoo artists to taxi drivers.
  • Automatically stores last settings.
  • Looks great!

The first 20 readers will get a free copy by using the coupon code BBCOOLFREETIPS.

Download Tip Calculator for the BlackBerry Storm for $2.99


EasyTip v.2.1.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!



Tipping is a delicate art. If you’re looking for an application that will help ensure you don’t poorly tip that extremely foxy waiter or waitress of yours, I strongly suggest picking up EasyTip by Adorno. It’s easy to use, very responsive and – as far as a tip calculator goes – offers several features to help make settling up that much easier.

EasyTip v.2.1 Review Quick Links


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